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10 Best Social Work Case Management Software to use in 2020

If you work for a non-profit, human services, or healthcare, you know that contacts and people that you work with matter the most. Whether your work is at a small scale or large, you work on a variety of cases, and each case has an individual database. It is not easy to maintain a database, especially on a large scale. A social work case management software can make it easy for you. While there are many out there, we are here to help you pick from the very best.

Importance of social work case management

Human services, healthcare providers, and social workers, all three at some point, need a case manager for each case that they are handling. Case management is a crucial part of any such service as it works towards giving care to the clients and helping them figure out the best solutions to their problems. Sometimes these tasks are complex, and that is where case management software comes in. Social work case management software helps case managers and caregivers streamline their workflow and focus on what is more important than getting lost in data and trivial details. 

Following are the top picks when it comes to social work case management software:

1. PlanStreet:

While choosing the right case management software, it is important to know what HIPAA is. HIPAA stands for health insurance portability and accountability. It ensures that you use a portal that keeps sensitive health and patient data safe and secure. Moreover, if you are working in the healthcare sector, your case management software should be compliant with this act. 

PlanStreet is not just compliant with HIPAA but also is efficient in providing robust top-class security. PlanStreet social work case management software evades manual paperwork and believes that the security of the data is of utmost importance. Other than security, PlanStreet provides features such as intake, needs assessment, and service planning. Another very important aspect that caregivers and the healthcare sector believe in is monitoring and evaluation. PlanStreet has features that cater to those very needs and ensure that your plan has succeeded and has not fallen through. 

2. CharityTracker

CharityTracker is a case management software that is also compliant with HIPAA. It is not only secure but also a very easy platform to use. Case managers find it very easy to report the initial details of a case, take notes on cases at different stages, and set goals. After setting goals, Charity Tracker helps you measure outcomes and assess them closely and even make referrals! This software is quite affordable. It is cloud-based, and so it is good for different users to work from remote places. 

3. Notehouse

Notehouse is very versatile case management software. It is essentially a relationship management software. So, it is not just useful to the social workers and healthcare sector but also to guidance counselors, lawyers, and even human resource managers to efficiently manage their cases. It also takes time-stamped notes. Whenever case managers take notes, they are all time-stamped. What’s more, Notehouse uses tags to categorize and store notes, making it easy for the users to find a note when needed.

4. KaleidaCare

Social services agencies and foster care management agencies use KaleidaCare. That is proof enough to show that KaleidaCare is one of the most secure and efficient case management software out there. It helps in keeping track of intakes and discharges. KaleidaCare is also great when it comes to billing and keeping track of accounting transactions. The best features of KaleidaCare, including robust reporting, customizable form creation, and tracking tools. The amount of data that this case management software can track is impressive. This very feature makes it appealing to not just social service agencies but also large multi-specialty hospitals. 

5. CaseWorthy

From non-profit organizations and government agencies to public administrations, CaseWorthy is well suited for all. It is easy to use and is rated four and a half stars out of five when it comes to its value for money. Another striking feature is that it is easy not just to use but also to customize it with users requiring absolutely no technical knowledge. It is very efficient when it comes to the amount of data that it handles. All data handling is quite organized and accountable. 

6. NewOrg

While we have seen much versatile software, this one caters to the need for a not for profit organization. Along with the management of data and client records, NewOrg also keeps track of other things. Scheduling for volunteers is one of the unique features of this software. What’s more, is that it also has features that aid you in fundraising and donations. It helps you manage the donations and the records of the donors. 

7. Penelope

Athena Software is a well-known and reputed brand. Penelope is a case management software developed by Athena. It has unique and functional features that live up to Athena’s reputation. Penelope believes in providing the best experience to the users. It is very user-friendly and customer oriented. Some of the distinct features of Penelope include flexible reporting and smart forms. Penelope also provides a mobile application to ensure that the user has the most optimal experience. 

8. AidHound

AidHound is a social work case management software that supports three languages English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Its market is as large as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and even Germany. It is well suited for small and medium-sized organizations. 

AidHound has one of the highest ratings when it comes to value for money. It is rated five stars out of five. Apart from non-profit organizations, it is also a good fit for the town and small city municipalities to collect and store data securely. Everyday management is easy with the use of its analytical management tool. Another feature that makes it worth using is its ability to track and analyze the beneficiaries. To complement these great features, AidHound also has good options that make customization seem like a cakewalk. 


AWARDS is just like any other management software if you choose to overlook that it has a system for electronic health records. With such secure data management and easy-to-use customizable software, it can fulfill the needs of both a non-profit and a healthcare institution. It is very well suited for medium and large-scale organizations and provides efficiency at each level.

10. Exponent Case Management

Exponent Case Management is a secure and robust tool for human service agencies. It has many unique features such as referral tracking and incident tracking, and these features are what makes it stand out as a choice for the small, medium, and large-scale organizations. 

These are the top picks. Before you make your choice and decide which case management software you wish to invest in, make sure you check the following. The nature, size, and scale of your organization and if the prospective software is the best fit for your organization. Good luck helping lives!

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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