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10 Christmas Celebration Ideas That You Can Plan During COVID

Whether it was Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays, or re-union, celebrations look a bit different this year. Soon Christmas will be arriving, and experts across the globe are insisting all stay at home and have fun. On the flip side, people are craving hugs from family members after having months of isolation. However, safety always comes first; at the same time, fun is also vital; thus, you can celebrate Christmas by participating in activities.

Wondering how? Here are 10 Christmas celebration ideas that you can plan amid a novel pandemic and get some holiday fun.

1. Cook a quick yummy breakfast

Watching a late-night movie and exchanging a lot of gifts on Christmas eve can dwindle your energy the next morning. You’ll need to refuel it by having a healthy and yummy breakfast. Hence, begin your preparations a night before. So, all you need to do after waking up is heat it and start the festivities.

2. Feed your soul with cookie decoration

Ok, we missed something; people aren’t just missing hugs but also a high amount of carbohydrates. Baking home-made cookies are one of the traditions of Christmas; after all, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Before you begin cooking, make sure to have cookie cutters, frostings, and decorative items on hand.

3. Chat with Santa via Zoom call

This year meeting Santa Nick in person wouldn’t be possible. To keep kids safe and happy, even Santa is learning how to Zoom. Furthermore, 2020’s Christmas would add style, plenty of joy through technology’s magic. So, even you can participate in it by hopping on a video call with Santa. Send them your wish list via messages and wait for its fulfilment.

4. Get creative during home décor

As you need to spend the entire Christmas holidays at home, get every inch of your home into the holiday spirit. First of all, set a budget for the decorations part and try to recycle things for the same. Make your creative mind active and do some DIYs (Do it yourself). String up bells, place mini figurines, and add pops of colours to your décor. Not to mention, give some refreshing feel to your Christmas tree.

5. A little bit of jingle juice

Winter festivities is incomplete without a cosy cocktail. Isn’t it? Browse some YouTube videos and check out some cocktail recipes. Choose the one you’re interested in and whip up a lot of drinks on Christmas afternoon. If you’re expecting some near and dear ones at home for the Christmas celebration, then light cocktails are great to add to the menu.

6. Throw a private cocktail party

Following the social distancing and limited invitees for the party rules, you can throw a small cocktail party at your place. Set the cocktail bar filled with types of cocktails and vodkas. Arrange a table wherein some delicious appetizers and cocktails are already available. Along with it, incorporate some more fun by keeping a small Christmas quiz mid-way.

7. Create cute Christmas cards

As said in the beginning, this year, you might skip meeting your families and friends. So, everyone will appreciate the care and planning that will go into a creative photo card. Send something with a personal touch that can help your near and dear ones to feel connected to your hand-made card. Additionally, you can do a video chat with them to add a little extra something to your cards.

8. Poke-a-tree is fun for all ages

This interactive game will involve the whole family and leave them giggling at your surprises. Considering the number of members, collect paper cups and place some lovely small gifts inside them. Attach all of them to your Christmas tree. The game is simple: Line up everyone and ask one person to poke a hole in the tree (on that paper cup). After that, they will discover a Christmas gift inside it; everyone gets the turn until you poke all the cups.

9. Host a virtual party for safe celebrations

Virtual Christmas is the perfect way to stay connected with your families while apart. So, host a virtual party online; for that, send them a Zoom link. Arrange a few games and conversation starters ready with you to get the feel of festivities as an in-person bash. Costumes can help you do so; no matter, it is tacky red sweaters or Christmas pyjamas or winter furs and dramatic velvet.

10. Watch some Christmas movies

Doing binge-watching on Christmas day is the best way to spend time between gifts unwrapping and dinner. There are some fantastic stop-motion films to watch. Even classics are a must-watch every holiday season. Treat your night with a sip of cocktails (or mock-tails!) while watching the movie.

Final thoughts

Just because you’re spending the Christmas holiday at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. The above-listed ideas will amplify your enjoyment level throughout your winter holidays. From decorations to cooking to hosting a party, this year’s festivities can still be tons of fun.

If you’re planning to host a small gathering, then apply social distancing rules, keep sanitiser stations, along with self-serving. Last but not least, keep your bathroom clean for the guests. In case you want to upgrade it before the party, then learn how to design your perfect bathroom.

Oops! We forgot to mention one thing (this is the last one; for sure): We wish you all a Merry Quarantined Christmas!

Author – Mike Morleye. As a professional writer and blogger, he share experiences and knowledge on diverse topics through writing. He always aim to provide information in a readable, understandable, and appealing format.

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