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10 Great Destinations Around World For Winter Holidays

Apart from cold and chilly days, winter brings a lot of excitement and enthusiasm with it. As school holidays begin, the winter air is filled with festive vibes and neighbourhoods are surrounded by vibrant and bustling Christmas markets. While some prefer to stay in their hometown during this festive break, many take this opportunity to explore new places or take a short break to unwind and relax. If you are planning to make the most out of your winter break, here is a list of top 10 winter holiday destinations – both hot and cold! 

1. Tenerife

If you are planning for a winter sun holiday, then Tenerife is one of the most affordable family holiday destinations to consider. One of the biggest islands in the Canaries, Tenerife is an ideal getaway destination offering plenty of sunshine and places to relax. From taking cable car rides, visiting the nearby National Park or taking kids to the water park, to taking boat rides for dolphin and whale spotting, there are a lot of activities to choose from. 

2. Dubai

A perfect combination of pristine beaches, world-class malls and soaring skyscrapers, Dubai has a lot to offer. Whether you want to go for a desert safari and do some dune bashing, enjoy a fine dining experience at the world’s tallest skyscraper, or stay in an underwater hotel suite at the Atlantis on a man-made Palm shaped island, Dubai’s charm will certainly leave you amazed. The city also has numerous theme parks and water parks such as Legoland, Motion Gate and IMG World of Adventures to keep the kids busy during the holidays. If you are an adventure seeker, then there are plenty of activities such as swimming with dolphins, skydiving, ziplining, flyboarding and more, to experience the adrenaline rush. 

3. Cyprus

Located in the Eastern Mediterranean region, Cyprus has a lot more to offer than initially meets the eye. If you wish to escape typical touristy location for something more relaxed and serene, then Cyprus is a great option. A multi-layered island, Cyprus is known for its luscious cuisine, rich traditions and scenic landscapes. From wandering in the mountain villages to hiking and exploring its remarkable archaeological ruins, Cyprus has a variety of things to experience.

4. Phuket

Phuket is another destination that offers a wide variety of remarkable things to do. A beautiful Thai province, Phuket represents a historical old town with various noteworthy cultural attractions and some extraordinary sight-seeing spots. If you wish to visit famous islands like Phi Phi or James Bond island, then Phuket is a good base. Whether you want to watch the extravagant Fanta Sea show, relax on Phuket’s best beaches, try different street food delights or go shopping at Phuket’s night markets, you won’t be short of things to do here.

5. Prague

The capital city of Czech Republic, Prague is home to numerous popular cultural attractions. Some of the major attractions of Prague include Prague Castle, the astronomical clock, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and the Jewish Quarter. With more than ten major museums and several cinemas, theatres, galleries, gothic churches, bright baroque buildings and other historical exhibits, Prague is a paradise for history enthusiasts. The modern and wide public transport system in Prague makes it easier for tourists to explore the city at their own pace.

6. Paris

If you want to experience a holiday like no other, then Paris is truly a winter delight. With bustling Christmas markets, festive lights and warm seasonal cuisines, the French capital offers a magical and enthralling experience to its visitors in winters. For shopaholics, winter is the best time to grab some of the best deals at your favourite designer stores. Additionally, if you are in search of some antique pieces, you can visit the Christmas market with a backdrop of the famous Notre Dame cathedral. The market offers some of the best pieces of work such as ceramics, decorative ironwork, leather items, jewellery and tableware made by the most talented and skilled French artisans.

7. Vienna

The capital city of Austria, Vienna is known for its cutting-edge architecture, contemporary art and innovative cuisine. Whether you want to visit the imperial palaces of Vienna, get an insight into its old coffee culture or explore some of the rustic wine taverns, Vienna has a huge variety of things to offer. If you wish to visit the famous Alps, then you can easily take a day trip from Vienna and explore the wintery scenic beauty of the snow-capped Austrian Alps. 

8. Auckland

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the southern hemisphere, Auckland offers an exciting mix of urban adventures and natural attractions. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, enchanting holiday islands and scenic hiking trails, Auckland is truly an enchanting winter holiday destination. From trying some of the outstanding food, to memorable wine tasting and winery tours, tourists can choose from a wide range of experiences based on their preferences. 

9. Seattle

Washington State’s largest city, Seattle is surrounded by water, evergreen forest and huge mountains. Amid thousands of acres of parkland, the city is a hub for large tech industries such as Amazon and Microsoft. During winters, the city hosts numerous free holiday events which include various family and shopping activities. Whether you are looking for budget-friendly family holiday activities or in search of some Instagram worthy locations, Seattle has a lot to offer to all kinds of travellers. Tourists can visit the Pacific Science Centre or the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum or check out the wide variety of seaplanes and boats at the South Lake Union to get an unmatched experience. 

10. Tromsø

Situated in the northern part of Norway, Tromsø is one of the main cultural hubs above the Arctic Circle. It is popularly known as the viewing point for colourful and famous Northern Lights that light up the winter sky at night. The city’s historic centre is renowned for its centuries-old wooden houses. Apart from museums and several other cultural attractions, Tromsø is also home to numerous natural tourist attractions such as an aquarium and a botanical garden. It even offers a wide variety of outdoor activities such as dog sledging, fishing, hiking and whale safari.

Author – Luka Jonasson is an avid traveler from Malmo, Sweden and one of the writers behind the travel community In-Travel. In his spare time, he enjoys backpacking, hiking, snowboarding and mountain biking and is favourite country to date is Georgia.

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