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10 Great HD Wallpapers of Batman for Mobile and PC

DC’s most iconic, rugged and bold character, Batman. He is great a leader, and self-made super-hero in DC comics; he assembled the team like Justice League with other great superheroes. Batman fans love to set his favorite superhero’s wallpaper on the phone and PC. Here, I have collected the top 10 HD wallpapers of batman.

1. Batman and bats wallpaper – Silhouette

batman and bats wallpaper - Silhouettedownload original

2. Batman fan art

batman fan art wallpaperdownload original

3. Behind the mask – Batman wallpaper

behind the mask - batman wallpaperdownload original

4. Batman – The Knight

Batman - The Knight wallpaperdownload original

5. The Dark Knight – Batman wallpaper

The Dark Knight - Batman wallpaperdownload original

6. Batman Dark Knight Dive wallpaper

download original

7. Serious Batman wallpaper

download original

8. Man in black – Batman

download original

9. Beard Batman

download original

9. Bat-Joker artwork

download original

10. Batman – justice league wallpaper

batman - justice league wallpaperdownload original

What’s your favorite one? I loved and set the Beard Batman wallpaper on screens.

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