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10 Reasons You Should Talk to Strangers

Ever since we were children, we have been given a lot of instructions from our parents like “Do not touch fire,” “Do not eat unknown things,” and many more. One of the most common advice is, “Do not talk to strangers.” While this is undoubtedly good advice for a little kid, we must not follow this after we grow up. It is very beneficial for an adult to talk to strangers. Today we present you with ten reasons you should talk to strangers.

1. It challenges our belief system

We do not know what views are held by the stranger we are talking to; therefore, by exposing ourselves to strangers, we are challenging the beliefs that we carry and allow us to grow as a person.

You’ll learn a new perspective of looking towards the situation. Wholly, you are going to grow as a person. It is going to affect your personality and, ultimately, your belief system.

2. It lets us learn something new

It is often said that we have something to learn from everybody. Therefore, when we talk to strangers, we are bound to learn something new that we didn’t know already! 

You can learn everything about that person and also about the place where the person lives. Which school, college, or university anything that they hold knowledge about!

3. It lets us teach something new

As much as learning something new is essential, it is equally important to pass the knowledge that you have to others. Speaking to strangers allows us to help them learn something that we know! 

Not only you, but the stranger you are talking with can be a package of information. If you are providing your part of the knowledge, then people would love to contribute it in some or the other way! 

4. It makes us open-minded

A lot of our stereotypes and misconceptions come from a narrow view of the world. When we interact with different people with different characteristics, we become more open-minded and considerate.

It lets us think about different issues, as you talk, you’ll encounter problems in their life and eventually come up with solutions! There are specific ways from which you need to think.

5. It makes us better speakers

The only way to be better speakers is to speak. When we talk to strangers, we speak without being conscious, and that makes us fluent in our speech. The more we talk, the better we get!

Because when we talk, we mention our perspectives about a particular thing, we wait for the reactions. Based on the responses, we make a guess that is the person comfortable or not! This makes us a better speaker; we learn from the reactions and different perspectives of different people.

6. It makes us better listeners

As a skill, listening is much more valued than speaking. When we are talking to our friends, we tend to interrupt them or talk over them. However, when we are talking to strangers, we learn to listen without interrupting. Listening skill is the most important one amongst the collection. When you look to others, your knowledge about various things increases. So, when you are talking to some stranger, show them your best side and the best skill of yours! 

7. It lets us make new friends

We never know if the stranger that we want to talk to might end up as our best friend! Once we talk to people, we discover that we have a lot in common, and therefore we have a chance of making good friends that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. You never know how you’ll discover your friends. A friend is just the best thing in your life! 

8. It lets us make new connections

Just like we can make friends, we can also create professional connections when talking to strangers. When we talk to strangers, we make an impression of a strong and confident person. It may lead to job opportunities in the future, as well!

Discussion about your job and professional life can ultimately lead to the corporate world. You can connect then might collaborate! There’s often an opportunity hidden; you never know!!

9. It gives us new ideas

Often we get new ideas from talking to strangers because every person has a different point of view about everything. You will discover new things, you’ll think more and discover more. So talking to someone with a fresh perspective might lead to unexpected and groundbreaking ideas!

10. It makes us confident

Speaking to strangers is not a natural skill; in fact, it takes years to master it. Therefore, when we talk to strangers, we get a confidence boost, which is helpful in all sectors of life.

Speaking to others can bring variety in your thinking. When you present your views in front of a stranger regardless of whom you are talking, it improves your confidence. 

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