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10 Things to Keep in Mind before Moving to the UAE

Are you planning to move to the UAE? 

Living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) feels like an unmatchable experience. To start with, there is no income tax, absolutely zero, a place which is full of different nationalities, the nightlife is so amazing that it makes even big cities like London and New York feel smaller in comparison. And you are fortunate enough that moving here is so seamless and exciting no matter which part of the world you’re from. A place where the sky is almost always blue, there’s plenty to get excited about this country. 

  • Their focus on being one of the happiest countries in the world by 2021, 
  • Amazing weather and beaches
  • Beautiful man-made island off the coast of Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest tower
  • Largest continuous sand desert in the world, Rub’ al Khali
  • You can always find some interesting company consists of huge varieties in culture, food and cloth because more than 85% of residents are from abroad

However, before deciding to get moving into the gulf nation, keep these things in mind:

1. Healthcare 

Private healthcare in the UAE carry a better reputation than the public. Make sure your company covers healthcare access in a private hospital since for a non-Emirati the only access for a private hospital is in the case of emergency. So, it gets mandatory to have some form of private medical cover before moving here.

2. Expenses

Living in the UAE is an expensive affair, as per the recent stats which says renting a 3bhk in the centre of the city can cost your around 2000 euros a month and there are your everyday expenses as well. 

3. Language

Although you don’t need to learn Arabic totally but picking up some Arabic phrases and words will help you a lot to bond with colleagues and localities. It also shows that you respect the place and its people. 

4. Documents

You can get a 30-day free visa when you come here, in this period make sure to either find legal translation services near me or search for the services of legal translation online to identify official and financial documents, immigration documents etc. This is because of legal translation services in UAE use terms and content from the legal system that is currently prevailing in the country. No government department or ministry in UAE accepts documents in any other language than Arabic and that is why they are essential to be legally translated in Arabic. 

5. Woman Safety

Although, there are some laws and restrictions regarding women in public like avoid public display of affection, no direct eye contact with stranger men. Apart from these, it is same as the west, you can drive, drink or visit different parts of the country alone. 

6. Work-life

There are many multinational companies like Microsoft, AstraZeneca, DHL, Marriott with offices throughout the country. There are many perks and bonus features here as well apart from tax-free income like housing allowances, help in kids school fees, medical insurance and free air tickets back home.

7. Lifestyle

Once you’ve settled in and ready to start afresh, you’ll notice English is a widely spoken language, making things easier. Majority of schools follow the British Curriculum followed by American school pattern making it easy for your kid to adapt without giving him/her any cultural shock. You will get used to Emirati culture without making you compromise with yours as Easter and Christmas are widely celebrated here. 

8. Entertainment

UAE is a country filled with various fun activities and fun options which can be enjoyed with friends, family and children followed by some high-level sports like Formula one race in Yas Marina Circuit. Football and Cricket have been the latest hit in the popularity with teams performing well on the international level. Camel races in Abu Dhabi featuring robot jockeys is an absolute favourite for the kids. For camping lovers, Fujairah Beach is a popular spot.

9. Food

Prepared to get mind blown here, we have talked about the wide variety of nationalities and culture that resides in this country. So, it’s not a surprise when we say there are thousands of food options you can find here. UAE has a plethora of brunch choices to choose from, in fact, people jump from having two to three brunches on their off day. Enjoying the wide varieties of cuisine in the restaurants.

10. Overall Safety

A recent report by the US government shows that UAE has the lowest level of threat level possible. The local reporting says the level of crime and certain threats are very low throughout the country. The rate of premeditated murders was down to 0.33 percent per one lakh people which makes it the safest country worldwide to live in.

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