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10 Ways To Improve Employee Satisfaction

For a business to be successful, its employees must be happy. They must be satisfied in their working environment and be rewarded for their hard work. Productivity will be at its highest if your employees that is why it is essential you keep them satisfied. There are several things you can do to keep your customers happy during working hours. 

1. Flexible

Something that employees want in the 21st is flexibility. Thanks to Covid-19, many businesses allowed employees to work whenever they wanted and from home. Companies said you don’t need to work from 9-5 anymore. All you need to do is work with 

It is a great way to keep employees satisfied as they don’t need to worry about their social life. The last thing an employee wants is for their work schedule to tie them down. As long as an employee works the same hours as everybody else, they should be allowed to work flexible time. 

An example of flexible time would be starting work at seven instead of 9, allowing them to finish at 3 PM instead of 5 PM. Another example would be allowing employees to work at 10 AM instead of 9 AM. As long as you know your employees are doing the work that they say they are doing. 

2. Allow Employee Timetables To Shape Their Role

If an employee is working on tasks they are stronger in, they will prefer work more than those performing tasks they are not so good at. Furthermore, if the employee has regular reviews in which their manager would give them feedback, it encourages them to improve on areas certain areas. 

If a manager is not in direct contact with an employee, they will require feedback from someone who is. It would usually be their team leader. It is pointless for a manager to give regular reviews to employees they don’t work with.

3. Reduce Micromanagement 

Micro-management is something that you may not realize you are doing. Furthermore, it can knock on an employee’s confidence if you are micromanaging them throughout the day. It is proven that if a manager is micromanaging an employee, it will create a negative relationship between the employer and the employee. 

4. Recognise Hardwork and Reward Employees

When an employee is working hard and getting results, they must get recognition. It can knock their confidence and make them question why they are putting in so much work when others are not doing the same. 

There are many ways you can recognize someone’s hard work. Firstly, many companies will send a monthly letter around. It will mention people’s achievements and how successful the company has been during that month and many more. 

Pay raises are a great way to reward an employee’s consistent hard work. Furthermore, there are other ways to reward an employee. A common reward that companies would offer is a voucher. Ask the employee what their preferred store is and buy them a £50 or £100 voucher. You could also add a holiday for the month or year. 

5. Communication and Transparency 

When something is changing within a company, all employees must be well informed. For example, if an employee is sacked or they are leaving and many people work with them, they need to be informed. You never know. The person who is leaving could have an impact on another employee. 

There are many ways you can communicate with your employees. If you are a small company, the best way to tell people would be to have a meeting in the boardroom. If you are a large company, emailing those who work with them is advised. If you have a company newsletter then announcements could be made through this as well but this is a more light-hearted approach.

6. Encourage Employees To Be Healthy 

Promoting good health for your employees is essential because if they are unhealthy, they will be unhappy. Furthermore, workplace stress is common, so you need to acknowledge this as a business. Ensuring employees are resting throughout the working week and taking the holidays which they are allocated is highly important. 

Physical health is just as important as physical health as well. For example, an employee’s diet is essential and if your office offers a workplace canteen, ensure your employees have healthy options. A healthy diet leads to a healthy mind. Another thing you should offer is paying for employees’ gym membership. It is something that many companies offer and if you don’t, you should consider it. Not only will it keep your employees happy but it will also attract people to work for your company. 

7. Take Care Of The Work Environment 

Looking after your workspace is also important. Furthermore, a company must look after the employee’s environment to keep them safe and happy.

Tidiness is also essential so there is no spread of illnesses either. Fill the office with plants around the rooms and corridors as well as a weakly clean for the office. These sorts of things are simple but great additions to the office and you start to feel a positive aura around the office. 

Although you might be the manager/owner of the office, that does not mean that decorating it all is left down to you. Start allowing your work colleagues to add their personal touch to their desks or the wall behind them. These little things keep them happy throughout their working hours. 

8. Train and Invest In Your Employees

Support your employees in their careers and help their progression along the way. One thing you cannot buy is experience but they have to be taught how to progress in their careers. Furthermore, it takes time to learn something new for some people so keep testing them until they no longer get it wrong and then move on to the next step. 

9. Sociable Culture

Working with your employees can be stressful at times and at other times it can be fantastic. Furthermore, you need to ensure you have a sociable culture at work. Offer a night out together to ensure you all have a little downtime together. Another thing you can offer is short holidays away if a team has managed to reach their weekly target. 

10. Reduce Time-Wasters  

As a company expands, your company needs to change. Existing employees mustn’t get complacent with their daily work lives when other employees are hired. Some people will take their foot off the gas because they believe the newbies work harder to make a good impression and cover some of their work. 

To Conclude

There are many things you can offer to make your employees happy. All you need to do is get to know the person and see what they would like personally. For some people, they would prefer a gym membership as an incentive or city center parking such as Grosvenor Square car park if they work in the London city center. There are many things you can do to keep your employees happy so ensure you communicate with them to find out what is better. 

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