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11 simple tips to look more classy at work

There are enough rules in life, many of them have to be followed and many of them can be broken. Some are meant to help you like what to wear and when to look classy. Of course, there are some rules for outfits made by workplaces that have to be followed. Every man and woman wants to look good so, certain tips are made which should be followed to stay within that particular criteria and look classy. There is a simple rule that you can not wear anything with everything and the same as you cannot wear anything anywhere. There are some rules and regulations which are made for the places which should be followed according to the places.

Here are some tips which should be followed when it comes to looking classy at work:

1. Know when to break the rules

There are certain rules which have to be followed in the office while dressing. In some offices, you can only wear formal or you can style semi-formal dresses and many things else. Here, knowing when to break the rules simply means that try to play with your outfits. If the dress code is formal you can wear the tie with casual print to stay out from the crowd and be stylish. When it is to semi-formal outfits you can go for the block-printed or casual-printed shirt by pairing them with formal pants, these tips can be followed by women as well to be in the dress code yet stylish.

2. Choose light colors more

The office is not the place to play with bold colors. You can try and experiment with colors but in the office try to wear some light-colored clothes. Be it black, grey, or white. These are some common colors which are worn by everybody I guess so, for trying something different you can go for various prints and shades but remember it has to be light. There are a lot of stylish shirts for men with different colors and designs which could be worn during office hours. Sometimes it is okay to wear bold clothes on occasions particularly but for daily wear try something decent yet unique. You can always play with prints and patterns but for colors, the work area is not the right place.

3. Invest wisely in watches, and a decent one

When it comes to the workplace watch is everybody’s first choice so invest wisely in a watch. Wear a stylish and right-fit watch to have a chic look. Wearing a watch of a big size is not a good idea as it does not look cool, especially at work. You can try out some designs in watches for women you have a category of band watches, chain watches, cloth belt watches and many more. Smartwatches are unisex and can be worn by both men as well as women in the office. Watches look stylish when worn with printed shirts or solid shirts for men.

4. Keep Accessories to minimum

Accessories look amazing in casual wear but with formal and at work it does not look cool to wear a lot of accessories. Keep it simple and decent to look amazing in the workplace. Wear a watch, belt, and tie or maybe a chain around the neck for women. More than that looks extra and is not good for the workplace.

5. Spend on shoes, have it good one

Footwear is the second thing after apparel when it comes to setting the whole personality. Right footwear should be paired with the right outfit to have a great look. Formal shoes, when worn with a casual outfit, do not look nice same as you can not wear casual shoes at the work with a formal outfit. The color of the shoes, the pattern, the texture, the sole, and everything else should be decent and not fussy for the office and for the workplace. Try to spend on a good shoe which gives you comfort as well as matches your style.

6. Have a Hairstyle that suits you

Your hair should look good with every outfit. For women, there are a lot of hairstyles that can be followed with every outfit. For formals, they can tie up their hair or keep it half open. Some hairstyles can also be followed with every outfit to look decent yet stylish. Try to do something interesting with your outfit so that you can be in the dress code but still look different.

7. Have weekend and Occasional Outfits

Everybody needs change be it in life or outfits. Although change is important as well. We cannot portray ourselves as the same thing, again and again, be it our personality, our appearance, or anything else so when it comes to our outfits why keep it the same every time? Weekends and occasions are the best time to stay out from the crowd by styling in a unique way. You can go for a casual look or a semi-formal look or maybe a traditional look at the time of festivals to look smart and classy. Set your apparel, hairstyle, and everything else according to the outfit to have an amazing look.

8. Focus on Grooming

Not just your physical appearance but your overall personality also matters as your presence of mind, communication, your way of responding to something, your way of dealing with things, and many more things play a very important role when it comes to grooming. At your workplace not just, your work but everything else of your personality and behavior matters so try to be more expressive and focused during your working hours. Be an extrovert to stay out and express your thoughts and ideas. Your way of speaking and discussing something with your colleague or with your boss matters a lot and so your communication is also a thing on which your attention should be of. Shaving your beard and having a proper haircut is also a part of grooming that should be followed for a proper physical appearance.

9. Use different bags to suit your outfit

Bags are also part of your look. From the way you walk to the way, you talk to the bag you carry and to the outfit you wear everything is noticed. Carry yourself with some aura that everybody looks back and sees once again. Your way of carrying yourself matters and so what you carry with yourself matters as well. Try to match the bags with outfits sometimes. With formals, you can go for a laptop bag, for semi-formals go for a tote bag, for casuals you can carry a shoulder bag or a handbag, with traditional you can have a pouch and side purse to have a stylish look and have a change. 

10. Look after Yourself

Looking after yourself here does not mean that you should eat fruits daily and take care of yourself but it means that look after your look, mental presence, and everything else which is important. A tattoo is one of the fancy things which you can try as everybody has it nowadays and it looks stylish. When the tattoo is on the arm and a formal shirt’s sleeve is folded by half-covering it or if the tattoo is on the neck and you’ve worn a shirt or a blazer then the half tattoo looks so attractive and classy. People also have some temporary tattoos so that they can make some changes after a certain period for a change in their appearance. 

11. Wear the Right kind of Glasses

Invest some time to choose the right fit of glasses for you, not so big not so small the right fitted classy-looking glasses look amazing when worn during working hours. They make you look smart and more professional. Generally, people invest 8 to 10 minutes in selecting the right fit glasses for them but it is not the right process. We generally use the same specs for 1 year on average so selecting the right frame with color and size matters. Most people invest more in glasses and less in frames but what makes you look good is a frame and not glasses so try to be creative and try something whenever you change your glasses. 

In Conclusion

The rules are meant to be followed and so there are some rules for office and workplace which has to be followed. Not just your work and performance make you smart and out of others but it also includes your grooming, physical appearance, and many other factors. Here are some tips listed above which include the time when you can break the rules and try something interesting with your dress code or the ways in which you can style your hair and carry bags with matching outfits. Try to wear a right-fit watch so that it can suit your personality as the watch not only shows you the time but also makes you look amazing. The way you talk, the way you walk, and the way you carry yourself among others also matter and come under overall grooming which needs to be taken care of when it comes to the tips which should be followed to look more classy at work. Follow them and enjoy the change.

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