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14 Effective Tips Help Busy Women To Manage Their Work And Personal Life

Unfortunately, even in 2022 workspaces will put a disproportionate load on female workers. But on top of dealing with all the labor at the workplace, oftentimes women are the ones doing the majority of the housework including dealing with kids if they have them. That is exactly why many are left wondering how exactly they accomplish everything they need to in just 24 hours and still have that work-personal life balance. If you are wondering how they do it or you want to improve your management skills to ensure you have more personal time and stay sane, here are some of the best tricks. 

1. Adapt Your Attitude

When you are dealing with being busy, one of the worst things that you can do is let negative thoughts get to you. Even though you should acknowledge your feelings, no matter if they are positive or negative, don’t focus on the negative so much. Another really important thing that you need to do is lower your expectations. It is important that you realize that perfection doesn’t exist, especially when you are not working alone. That is why all you need to do is your best and you will be good to go. 

2. Engage in Self-care

One of the best ways you can ensure that you have that work-life balance is simply by doing self-care things. Always set boundaries and allow yourself to have that self-care time. 

Establish boundaries so that you are not taking on extra burdens. Taking care of yourself will not only help you stay sane, but it will also help you be the best version of yourself while working. 

3. Start by Stopping

Another important thing that you need to do is stop comparing yourself to other people, especially in business. Create a balance that works best for you and your lifestyle, don’t try to follow someone else’s routine. Don’t try to live up to somebody else’s expectations. Stop and figure out what your expectations for yourself are and try to fulfill them. Always be realistic!

4. Stay Organised

One of the best ways you can manage your personal life and work is just by staying organized and on top of your stuff. Having things like organizers and desk calendars will help you see the whole picture and create balance. You can also take it to your phone and manage a digital calendar. Both of these options are super personalizable, so you can have fun while doing it. Colour coding also relaxes some people, so that’s another great benefit. 

5. Try Not To Ignore Seasons

Something that will help you stay on top of the balancing is simply understanding that there are busy seasons and slower seasons. When things get super hectic you have to know when it will stop and plan your life accordingly. Make sure that you are not letting your personal and professional life collide a lot. 

6. Involve Your Kids Into Planning

One of the hardest things for busy women is keeping their schedules flexible with children’s activities. That is why you should always leave some part of your day flexible for any activities that they have so you can be involved. Or you can dedicate that time to spending it as a family and having quality time. 

7. Set Boundaries

Something that is really hard for a lot of people to do is set boundaries and create that balance. When you come home make sure that you switch your phone off and limit the contact that you have with the work. Learn how to tell them no, when you are done with your work hours. 

8. You Are Not Alone

Even though it might be hard to ask for help sometimes, accepting the fact that you are not alone will have a huge impact on the quality of your life. Share your responsibility with other people in your family or just hire professional house cleaning services. But it doesn’t have to always be about cleaning, make sure that you are sharing your feelings with those closest to you. It will help you destress and create better work and personal life balance. 

9. Workout At Work

One of the best things that you can do when you are busy at work is to kill two birds with one stone and do some exercises while you are there. If you have a desk job, you can get a standing desk and jog in place or get a treadmill to get your steps in. If that is not something that you can do, you can take five-minute breaks and do some simple yoga or stretches. 

10. Stop Trying So Hard

As we have mentioned above, even though it is good to strive to be the best possible version of yourself and do your job the best that you can, being a perfectionist will not get you anywhere. Don’t let one bad day or bad thing dictate the rest of your week. When you have a good work-life balance you will be much less stressed and things will be just easier when you leave work things at work. It is completely ok to leave work and forget about it, relax until the next day. Cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to have a personal life. 

11. Consider Your Finances

Something that plays a big role in creating that work-life balance is considering your finances. When you are having your basic needs being met, you will be able to create a better balance as you will be able to stop thinking about working all the time and use that time for personal things. 

12. Nurture Your Relationships

Having that positive relationship with someone will help you build resilience and create that balance in your life. When you have someone to spend time with, you will be able to forget about work while you are with them. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to neglect their relationships because of work which will result in many negative things. 

13. Focus on your health

Another thing that is really important when it comes to creating a balance between your work and personal life is focusing on your health. After you have finished your work hours for the day, make sure that you go and do something for yourself like exercising, taking a walk or going to lunch with your best friend. That will help you put focus on your health and motivate you to separate work from your personal life. 

14. Have Downtime

When you are working a stressful job, sometimes you don’t want to do anything when you are done with it and that is fine. When you come home from an energy-draining day, let yourself do absolutely nothing. Allow yourself to have reset days where you don’t have to think about any social interactions or work. Take those reset days and combine them with your self-care days. 

Since everyone has been working from home these past couple of years, it seems quite impossible for people to find that perfect spot between work and personal time. That is why you need to know if you feel like you are doing your best, that is enough on your part. Always know that you are not alone in this. 

AuthorGrace Wilson, is a 27-year-old biotechnologist and kind of a bookish girl. Surfing the Internet is her favorite, that’s why she has turned into blogging. Following a healthy mindset and lifestyle is what she considers her life principle. If interested, follow my Twitter.

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