14 Steps to Create an effective website with WordPress web development


There are numerous tools and software with the help which you can create good websites. Many of the websites that are created may already have some ideas and designs. But for Ecommerce businesses that are just starting to develop they have to begin from scratch. 

Reasons to choose WordPress

For these businesses, whether they are small or big; WordPress web development is a tool that can make a colossal difference between a good and an impressive website. Below are a few reasons to use WordPress;

  • It comes without charges
  • The Community is huge
  • Abundance of Plug-ins
  • Variety of Themes
  • Good for Beginners
  • Ranking through SEO
  • Secured and protect

Create a website with WordPress web development

In the past, it was really difficult to create an impressive website because there were a few tools and software available. The developers found it very hectic and time-consuming to develop a full-fledged website. But today with tools and software like WordPress; this task has become very easy. By taking the following steps you can create a website on your own.

1. Select the Content Management System

It is an application that takes care of the digital content that has to be published on the internet. It consists of two basic components; one that enables the user to modify, add or remove the content and the other which uploads the content on the internet. WordPress is the best system for this purpose in light of the reasons discussed above.

2. Decide for an impressive name

There are a few points that you have to consider when you are deciding for the name of your company’s website.

  • Do have the name of your company.
  • Don’t use numbers and other symbols
  • Consider alternative domains
  • Make it simple but powerful.

3. What is the hosting plan?

There are two kinds of web hosting plans that you can turn your mind to. First one is shared hosting and the second is the managed WordPress hosting. The shared hosting is ideal for beginners or who don’t even know anything about web hosting. But you can shift to the other one as soon as you become an expert.

4. Register the hosting and name 

Initially, you have to select the registrar. Then select the plan, write the name and choose the domain. Fill out the details of the account. Confirm the package and complete the registration. But if you want to avoid all this hassle then you can hire a web development company like E-Sparks who will o all the work for you.

5. WordPress installation and sign up

After this step, you have to install WordPress on your electronic device. You can find it on any online store and just click install to get started. On the app or website the registration is easy; enter an email address, username and select a password and create the account. There is another option of using existing accounts on other domains. 

6. Get to know WordPress

Although WordPress is easy for beginners and newbie still you have to learn about the basics to start properly. You can find tutorials all over the internet that will help you. BlogSpot, videos and online learning apps will make quite a difference.

7. Buy the Plug-in and theme plan

Many of the themes and plug-ins are free and you just need to install them from the app or website. These are for free but there are others that are a part of a premium plan and they come with a price. 

8. Select the payment option

You have to enter the method of payment if you are going to buy the premium themes and plug-ins. WordPress gives you a variety of options to select from. It is important to note that you can enter these details when you buy the premium plan.

9. Create your own website 

When you have finished your WordPress setup; now you can begin to create your website. Make it a point that the content that you have to upload on the website is ready. Everything that you want on your business website must be ready at the time when you are registering your website.

10. Pick the theme most suitable

The next step to take is picking a theme that is the most suitable according to your business and company. Start off with selecting from the free ones and when you have established your business and have become an expert then you can choose the paid theme.

11. Customize if needed

Although the themes on WordPress are already enough for initial use sometimes there is a need to change a few features in it. You have the option of changing the background, color, picture, font and other general features.

12. Construct the necessary pages

Every website has a few pages that are essential and necessary. The basic pages that all websites have are; homepage, contact, services, products and media. But you can create other pages or add subcategories within the main ones. 

13. Add written content and images

On the dashboard you will see post tab; click on it and enter the heading on the top. Then copy and paste the content on the large box, adjust the settings and click post. 

14. Successfully launch your website

After completing all of the above steps of WordPress web development; you have now successfully launched your own impressive website.

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