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15 Common Feng shui Decorating Mistakes You Must Avoid

What is the Feng Shui Practise?

Feng shui is an ancient science of Chinese people seeing the universe. The universe is categorized into five basic elements like fire, earth, wood, water, and metal. Each of those elements that tracts either positive or negative energy. 

It is believed that these elements create harmony and balance. Following Feng shui practices help to bring harmony and balance into your home. 

Why right decoration plays an important role in good Feng shui practice?

For best feng shui practice you want to use the balance of five elements in any given space. The more you energize a specific element for a specific area in your home, the more harmony renews more health and more happiness. Practicing good feng shui practice also helps you to stay energized and healthy. 

It is important to know how your energy is reacting to the energy present in your home. The great interior design and space decoration follow basic Feng shui principles. Sometimes even realizing the way you place your furniture inside the home, the way you position your head in the bedroom also affects your health.

So, I have come up with an informative article about common Feng-shui decorating mistakes you should avoid if you want to have a prosperous welcome in your home.

Common Feng Shui Decoration Mistakes

1. Too Many or Broken Mirrors

Mirrors are considered a powerful cure in Feng shui if you know how to use them. Hanging mirrors open up the space and reflect bad energy away, but decorating a home with too many mirrors can achieve the opposite effect instead of bringing light, clarity, and freshness. 

A broken mirror is a sign of portent and could also be cause for an accident. Hence you should not keep it inside your home if it is broken.

2. Mistakes with an aquarium placement

Decorating your kitchen/dining area or your bedroom with an aquarium is considered a feng shui mistake. The water in the aquarium is one of the feng shui elements that need to have in many areas of your home but not in the bedroom or kitchen. 

The bedroom floor symbolizes the Earth, also a feng shui element needs inside the bedroom symbolize by the floor of the bedroom, and fire elements are needed inside the kitchen most.

3. Positioning a mirror to face the front door

Even though you try to decorate the entryway with a beautiful, stunningly framed, or unique mirror, but placing a mirror opposite the front door is one of the worst feng shui decorating mistakes you can make in your home. Why? Because it is believed that mirror placed in front of entryway remit good energy.

4. Having Excess water fountains in a home

Fountains or water features are considered to be great feng shui, especially the ones made of high-quality materials. They bring prosperity and create a soothing sense of calm and peace. But there is a limit for everything and excessiveness can reverse the advantages they have to offer.

5. Different flooring inside each room

The flooring of your house represents the foundation of the house, this is why it has to have a sense of solid continuity. Having different types of flooring along the home may allow the energetic foundation of the house to lose its strength and continuity.

6. Decorating with the Bagua mirror

The Bagua mirror both concave and convex is considered to be a powerful feng shui cure. According to the feng shui consultant, Bagua’s mirror deflects the unwanted energies. The recommendation of these consultants is not to place the Bagua mirror anywhere and in any direction. Wrong placement of Bagua mirror can affect negatively. 

Some feng shui consultants advised these mirrors are not meant to be used indoors. It should be only used outside the home to produce maximum feng shui benefits.

7. Unmatched and Wrongly Placed Furniture

The sitting furniture of the home should be balanced to support family gatherings. The main sofa should always face the entry door of your home. Avoid harshly angled coffee tables, so don’t go for a rectangular or square shape.

Avoid unmatched furniture in your home, because match pair furniture creates a sense of partnership and balance.

8. Avoid Asymmetry

Feng shui opposes the concept of asymmetry so always opt for two of the same items versus an asymmetrical look with the same visual appearance. Items may be anything that is the part of your home, it may be furniture, décor items like picture frames, window shapes, etc.

9. Bedroom Structure

Bedrooms can influence your health, wealth, and happiness. Feng shui does not like out of shaped bedrooms like L-shaped or missing corners or even curved walls and bay windows in the bedroom.  

Always focus on creating a perfect square or rectangular-shaped bedroom while designing. Always have to partition or door to close off the entry to the bathroom. A physical separator restricts the penetration of negative energy from the bathroom into your space.

10. Avoiding Bright Colours

Good feng shui decorating is like breathing, it follows a natural rhythm of inhaling and exhaling, an active and surrendered quality energy. This is why the most successful decoration always follows the Feng shui principles. 

Colors, textures, and patterns visually affect the weight of the space hence avoiding bright colors in favor of a monochromatic color scheme.

11. Incorrect placement of Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo plants are meant to be inducing health and luck inside your home. So rightly cared and rightly placed lucky bamboo allows yielding maximum lucky bamboo feng shui benefits.

Lacking any of the care or right placement let the plant die, and you better not expect it to offer you the deal. So, place them in an area with access to good natural light and air circulation.

12. Bed Placement and Headboard

Bad bed placement creates sleeping issues as well as relationship and marital problems, Feng shui practices advice to place bed diagonally opposite to the bedroom door opening.

A door opening that cut directly into the bed is considered to be a death position and that’s come in absolute don’t list of to bed placement direction.

Headboard especially made from wood symbolizes inner and outer stability. Keep clear space under the bed to open energy flow.

13. Transforming your home into an Asian-looking establishment

Good feng shui practice does not mean bringing only Asian-looking items into the decoration, not at all. Unless this is your chosen decorating theme, do not think you need to change your decorating style to create good feng shui.

14. Blocked or Jammed Doors

Blocked or jammed doors are considered to be restricting your entrance into the goodness of life. If your home has one of those it’s time to fix them off to unblock the flow of energy and wealth.

15. Condemn things that you don’t like

This is one of the worst things you can do when trying to decorate your home for good feng shui practices. But holding on to captures that you don’t like and wondering about its presence in your home decor is really bad feng shui practice.


Feng shui is all about energy and how everything within your domain can have its intrinsic energy. That energy can be auspicious beneficial benevolent or even harmful energy that can affect your spirit and well-being. It’s all about being aware of your surroundings, removing or curing feng shui decorating mistakes allows balancing out the positive or negative effects of what you are trying to achieve from feng shui.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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