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29 Free Social Media and Marketing Courses to Develop your Skills

The present situation has been tough to deal with for everyone. It seemed easy to complete assignments using the help of a professional essay writer earlier. The students used to attend classes and learn different things. But the present pandemic has forced everyone to seek the help of the internet. You cannot take a step forward without referring to online sites.

The need for up-gradation and learning new skills has always been important. Presently, with several organizations looking for alternatives to run their operations, learning new skills has become more important. You cannot be in the race without mastering some skills beyond your job responsibilities. The following are thirty-seven free social-media and marketing courses that can help you learn new skills. 

29 Free Social-Media and Marketing Courses to Learn

Social media has taken center stage and is used by many organizations to reach out to their customers. You will come across coursework that helps websites advertising on social media to reach more students. An organization cannot stop the marketing process. Learning both about social media and marketing can help you grab some better opportunities. Here are thirty-seven free social-media and marketing courses to choose from. 

1. Social-media strategy: An introduction

You will be unable to learn and level up your skills properly if you do not start from the beginning. There are many aspects of social media marketing. You need to know all the aspects before moving forward. Social media platforms are the most visited sites presently. Everyone visits their social-media profile at least once a day. You need to know how the companies are using these platforms and how they plan the promotion on social media. The course will help you understand how to frame strategies for social media marketing. 

2. Social media advertising

As mentioned earlier, there are several aspects of social media marketing. You will never know about the assignment writing services if they do not advertise their services appropriately. Finding a professional essay writer is easy, but getting hold of the right one can be difficult. Learning social media advertising will help you understand the ways these companies use different mediums. It will help you gain knowledge and apply to companies having vacancies related to this subject. 

3. What is social?

It might seem incomplete or beyond understanding, but you need to know how social media defines social. It will help you understand the different ways used by the companies to promote their products and how they segregate the target audience. The course will help you understand the various social media trends, target audiences, and data analysis in this matter. 

4. Social media monitoring

You will not understand when your boss will ask you to get the data of social-media interactions. It is impossible to fetch the data or understand the essentials if you do not know how to monitor it. Social media monitoring will help you understand the different elements that boost the interaction on social media. There are many things to look into before formulating strategies or showing the statistics to your boss. The course will help you learn all the elements. 

5. Business on social media

Presently everyone is looking to invest in social media promotions to boost their sales. But do you know that all businesses are not well suited for social media? It might sound complicated, but it is beneficial to know them before investing a huge amount. There is a lot of scope on social media, but all businesses are not compatible with social media. Hence, it is essential to know them before investing in the platform. 

6. Social media ethics

You are not allowed to use any unfair means while promoting on social media. A coursework help website cannot be considered trustworthy if they use unfair means to fetch more business. It is, therefore, essential to know and understand social media ethics to have a better understanding of social media marketing. You cannot run a business without following ethics. Therefore, the course is essential and helps you learn an important skill.  

7. Advanced social-media marketing

The company you work for or will work for will judge you with respect to the business you provide. For example, if you are responsible for handling the social-media handle of the organization, you will be questioned on the sales. The advanced social-media marketing course will help you learn how to get more customers and ensure to fetch more business for the organization. 

8. Facebook blueprint

Facebook is an important medium for social media marketing. You will always be asked to boost sales and use different techniques to boost sales through Facebook. There are many things to learn before taking over the Facebook page of the organization. In this course, you will know the various terminologies used on Facebook and optimize different ads on Facebook and Instagram. 

9. Social media starter

Everyone is looking for options to learn about social media. The social-media starter course will help you learn about different social media platforms. You will drive a lot of benefits with this course. It is important to know the different ways social media platforms operate. The organizations look for people who know about social media and can understand different things when asked about it. 

10. Email marketing for eCommerce

Marketing via email is currently an effective way of marketing. The e-commerce companies look for avenues for email marketing. Learning how to promote a business through email is an essential skill to be in the race currently. You can opt to learn this skill to grab better opportunities and have a great career ahead. 

11. Quicksprout university

It is impossible to help an organization with marketing its products online if you don’t know how to do it properly. Quicksprout University has various courses that will teach you about online marketing, starting from search engine optimization. It is essential to know them before you venture into online marketing.

12. Inbound marketing certification

Marketing cannot happen if you are not aware of the sales techniques. The inbound marketing certification will help you with inbound marketing lessons, email marketing, inbound sales techniques, content marketing, and growth-driven design. It is a necessary certification, and you can derive a lot of benefits from it. 

13. Viral marketing and ways to create contagious content

You might come across several advertisements on social media. Yet, only a few of them become popular and have the maximum reach. It is essential to learn the ways to create such content. It will help you make contents that can reach the peak of popularity. You will also learn the reasons behind some posts getting so popular. 

14. Pay-per-click (PPC) university

Pay per click is an essential concept in online marketing. The PPC University offers an entirely free course on the subject. You can learn the essence of research and how keywords are important in the entire pay-per-click concept. It is essential to know these concepts to be a good online marketeer.

15. Diploma in e-business

Google webmaster, Google analytics, and Google Adwords are the three most important elements of online marketing. You will be unable to help an organization if you do not how these things work. It is, therefore, essential to learning all about them. The diploma in e-business will help you understand the same and be an effective online marketeer. 

16. Google digital marketing course

Digital marketing has gained popularity with time. Presently, the entire world has moved to the online space, and it is the right time to know the different aspects of online marketing. Therefore, learning digital marketing is very important and beneficial. Taking the google digital marketing course will help you learn about the same. 

17. Buffer’s week of webinars on digital marketing

Many organizations promote their products through Facebook and Instagram. So it is important to stand out of the crowd and make yourself known to the customers. The course offered by Buffer on digital marketing will help you learn the different ways of boosting your posts on social media.

18. Introduction to analytics and the language of SAS

The course is offered by Udemy and will help you learn about analytics. The meaning of analytics and why it is important. It is an essential course that will help you learn digital marketing. This course will help you understand analytics from scratch. 

19. Google analytics academy

Google Analytics is an important way to boost your business. Digital marketing companies always look for people who understand Google analytics. It is an essential course for students, and you must take this course if you want to be in digital marketing. 

20. Understanding consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing

You need to understand the customers to prepare marketing strategies. Consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing will help you understand consumer mentality. It will help you formulate proper marketing strategies. Social media marketing needs a lot of understanding of consumer mindsets. Hence, the course is essential.

21. Data analytics with pivot tables

Udemy offers this course. You will learn business analytics from scratch. The course will also help you learn Excel and pivot tables. In addition, you will get to know about the terms such as grouping and custom calculation. It is a good course that will help you upgrade yourself. 

22. Digital analytics for marketing professionals

Marketing professionals also need to upgrade themselves to prove their worth. Digital analytics will help marketing professionals to learn the ways to collect the correct data and analyzing them. It also helps them understand the accuracy of the data and how it fits in the company. 

23. Marketing measurement strategy

The marketing course will help you understand the marketing trends and ways to predict future market conditions. The course will also help you learn the tools that will help you learn how to measure marketing success. 

24. Social media analytics

Social media is a big platform. You need to know many things to understand digital marketing and work with organizations to help with social media marketing. The course will introduce you to social-media analytics and the social media landscape, along with few more related topics. 

25. SEO training

Search engine optimization is an important concept in digital marketing. The training is essential for people who look forward to working as a digital marketeer. SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing, and the training will help you learn a lot about the same. 

26. Writing for the web

 Content writing is a growing profession all across the globe. Many websites need proper write-ups to promote their products. Learning how to write a web page will help you understand many things related to digital marketing as well. 

27. Freelance content writers

You might wonder how content writing is related to marketing or social media. The freelance content writing course will help you understand the proper use of keywords and the significance of content writing. Content writers play a significant role in building a brand. 

28. Content marketing for B2B enterprises

Contents must bring results for the company. This course will help you learn the correct tactics for writing effective content for B2B enterprises. It will help you learn to create content that converts. Learn it to upgrade your skills. 

29. High-impact business writing

Learning how effective business writing should be is important to be a successful business writer. It is an essential skill for both students and professionals. Understand the different types of business documents with this course.

The following are few more courses to help you in the process of upgrading your skills.

  1. Internet marketing
  2. Graphic design basics: Basic principles of graphic designing
  3. Ways to create a good graphic design
  4. Landing page conversion course
  5. Visual and graphic design
  6. Graphic design 101
  7. DIY videos
  8. Social media marketing

Final thoughts,

You can choose any of the courses and upgrade your skills. However, you cannot prove your worth if you do not upgrade yourself. Presently, you will be tested on your skills, and you need to be prepared for the same. 

Author – Clara Smith is a professional essay writer associated with she has helped several students overcome the task of writing complicated essays and assignments. Apart from this, she keeps himself updated with the changing technology and writes about the essential subjects to learn during the pandemic. 

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.




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