3 Great Digital Marketing Research Tools You Should Know About This Year, 2020


Digital marketing includes all the marketing efforts done by any business, company, organization through any mode either it be an electronic device or the internet. With the incredibly fast and accessible internet today, it is hard to believe that the number of people who get online for their information is ever increasing.

Marketing has always been about a company engaging with their target audience and potential customers for the awareness and promotion of the product, brand or service. The right place and right time is always important to consider while conducting any marketing activity. 

Right time can always vary but the right place is for you to decide. In the ever-growing world on internet, the digital marketing is the best among all the other modes. It means internet is the right place to conduct your marketing activity. There are many good ways to do it such as the social media, emails, blogs, or if you can afford to try the best Wikipedia page creation service, that the Wikipedia itself offers for its users. To create pages for the company’s promotions and higher page ranking.

There are ways through which you create a good impact on the audience through digital marketing such as; defining your goals, target audience, developing personas, a good logo and website, ads for social media platforms etc. but there are other factors that help you do the right activity for your marketing.

The most important part of digital marketing is the initial step that is the research. Research is said to be the key point for doing any work, if the research is done the right way then the steps you take to do your marketing while considering the research outcome, will definitely provide you the maximum outcome. If you are confused about how to do it. You must go through the tools that help you in digital marketing research and analysis. 

1. Google Trends

It is a feature for search trends that allows you to see an insight of the google searches by showing you how frequently the given search word is entered in the search engine of google depending on the sit’s total search volume in the stated time period. 

It is widely used for comparative keyword researches. It provides all the data related to the keywords with the search volume index and geographical data about the search engine users.

2. Google Keyword Planner

You will find varying opinions of people regarding this tool. Some like it and some do not. It is quite the same as google trends but the only difference is that it gives you the approximated actual numbers that you can work with. 

You can select multiple keywords, language and the targeted country and see the approximated numbers that how many times your selected word is searched.

You can also import and export data from anywhere, use google AdWords campaigns directly that experts usually do not advice but it is a feature you can use if you like. 

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is very popular among the experts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as it is one the best SEO and SEM tool available in the has many features that most of the experts drool over the basic ones for the beginners are mentioned here.

You can discover anything and almost everything about you competitors with the use of Ahrefs site explorer. The built in content explorer can help you find the most shared content on the internet.

It gives you the opportunity to know how you competitors are generating their traffic. What is their ranking for the specific keywords in google search, their back-links and the people who or whatever is linked to their website! It like something that makes the website and its data nude you can see everything but you can never make any amendments.

After gathering all of the information, it also gives you a lot of way to filter it that, you can do however you want.

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