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5 Benefits Of Embracing Chatbots To Improve Your Customer Care Service

Are you an entrepreneur dealing with conflicts regarding customer care? If yes, you need to resolve those issues with advanced chatbots as it offers round the clock service to your customers and grows your business. In today’s fast-paced world, there is high competition in each sector; if you fail to deliver prompt customer service, you may lose potential customers and huge money on the table.  

This is probably why you should embrace cutting-edge technology in your business, and Chatbot is one of the trending technologies that help your business grow and boost sales. Undoubtedly, a chatbot is a trending technology that solves all the problems related to customer care service


As per the above report, penetration of chatbot across all the industries is increasing  and it is believed that 70% of the brands that rely on AI chatbot have observed a 30-35% rise in productivity. This is the major reason why more and more companies are now investing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology as it solves the problem and reduces human error. 

Let’s learn about the benefits that businesses will get by embracing chatbot technology in this competitive world.  

Chatbot- The New Cutting-edge Technology 

Before we jump to the benefits of Chatbots, you need to brush up your knowledge regarding that. 

A chatbot is a service and piece of software that is developed with smart AI technologies and leverages to interact with customers in the form of a chat interface. 

Companies can use chatbot technology that ultimately saves: 

  1. Time
  2. Money 
  3. And labor cost 

Moreover, if you look from the customer’s point of view, they also prefer to communicate via chat over the phone or any other format. With 2 billion users of messaging apps in 2018, it is becoming the customers’ preferred communication channel. 

Thus, the brand is more investing in developing Chatbot as it works according to the customer’s needs and provides instant replies to their queries.

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The above graph displays that more than 60% of the millennials prefer chatbots as it offers many benefits and increases user engagement ratio. 

So what could Chatbot do for your business? 

In a single word- increases the number of happy customer ratio 

Chatbots are here to stay as it improves customer interactions. They offer numerous benefits, so let’s get started. 

1. Time & Money Saving

Irrespective of business size and type, you are always looking for a cost-effective solution that fulfills customer’s requirements and increases brand awareness in the business world. Moreover, to cut expenses on wages, there are many other ways that lower the operational cost. 

Today, on-demand services are booming because customers prefer quick solutions for everything. Hence, if you are a startup and want to reduce the operation costs, instead of creating a separate messaging app to engage with customers, it would be advisable to opt for a gojek like marketplace app where all the services are offered in the single app and developed using modern technology stack that comes with in-app chat features. Moreover, you can easily set up a chatbot in your web application, ultimately, it reduces the overall cost and improves customer service. 

Moreover, another major benefit of chatbots is its quick replies. Instant replies are so important in this fast-paced world. Customers no longer want to stand in the long queue; they want quick solutions to their questions. Wait time is a common issue faced by a lot of customers, and chatbots eliminate this with prompt replies. When a query arises, Chatbot analyses it, goes through all the docs and gives instant solutions. 

2. 24*7 Availability

This is the reason why chatbots have gained huge attention in a short time. Its ability to give round the clock service grows your business and enhance the relationship with your customers.  

No donut, companies hire customer care executives, but they can not provide 24*7 service, but bots can work day and night and answer all the customers’ questions in no time. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that chatbots play an essential role in keeping customers happy.  

Bots don’t rest. Moreover, they collect valuable information and provide support for 24 hours a day. Hence, there is no risk of losing potential customers by making them wait for a long time because they can instantly provide all the necessary information. 

3. Add Good Humour

This is the truth- no one likes to perform the same thing on a daily basis. When it comes to a human being, tedious and repetitive tasks make them angry. This is where chatbots play a crucial role. 

Human beings face mood swings often that lead to poor customer service and create a negative impact on customers, but you never have to worry about a bot in a bad mood. As they are automatic and will never turn aways customers with bad replies. 

Chatbots are programmed that try to give the customer a human feel. However, they can’t replace humans but makes customer experience with brands more satisfying and engaging. Also, chatbots never get irritated with the repetitive kind of queries; even they can handle the number of customers together without getting frustrated. 

4. Lead Generation

Aim of any business is to generate maximum leads with minimal expenses. A chatbot communicates with consumers, providing them the necessary info and trying to understand their needs to offer the best suitable solution. At the same time, chatbots qualify the leads and filter the customers data. 

Eventually, it saves time, and the marketing team can focus on other core objectives. Afterward, the lead will be automatically sent to them and added to your database. 

5. Easy Implementation 

This could be the primary reason why chatbots are popular because they are easy to implement. For instance, if you have a website or application, you can easily integrate Chatbot to start an interaction with customers. You don’t require any sound technical knowledge. 

With the technological advancements, chatbots are improving with updates and trying to offer more accurate, precise, and instant replies to customers. 

Wrap Up

The verdict has arrived that the benefits of embracing chat-bots are amazing. They are changing the user experience and enabling a business to improve its customer care service. They are accessible, cost-effective, popular, and easy to handle several queries without any glitches. 

 Author – Deep is a serial entrepreneur and blogger famous for his knowledgeable blog. He chooses to write on transportation sector about the latest trends, business models, and fun facts to guide businesses

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