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5 Great Foods That are Healthier Then You Think

There are various foods that are rich in nutrients and provide various health benefits. These foods contain minerals and vitamins that can boost your immune system and prevent different chronic diseases. 

Now you might have heard about these five healthy foods. But they are healthier than you think and provide many health benefits. Powdered bone broth and green vegetables are rich in vitamins that are good for your health and body. 

Similarly, other foods like non-starchy vegetables, lean meat, and peanuts are other foods that give equal health benefits and they contain various nutrients that are vital for your body and health. 

Eating healthy foods can impact your overall lifestyle. Such foods help in many ways. Like We said above that you might’ve heard about these foods but you don’t know how much healthy these foods can be. After reading all the benefits of these following foods, you should include them in your diet. 

1. Green Vegetables

Consuming dark green vegetables are beneficial for your digestive health and your immune system. Dark green veggies have anti-oxidant properties that are beneficial for your heart and digestive health. Studies have shown that consuming green veggies daily can reduce inflammation as well. 

Brocolli and spinach are two dark green veggies that are rich in iron and many other nutrients. Not every vegetable possesses such a high number of nutrients. You might want to take supplements to fulfill your nutritional need, but all you need is a cup of spinach every day to have enough iron in your body. 

2. Vegetables

Veggies that are not starchy should be in your diet. These veggies are even healthier when you consume them daily. Eating a bowl filled with healthy vegetables is good enough to make you feel fuller throughout the day. 

Vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers are rich in vitamin A and beta carotene. These two nutrients are vital for your eye vision. It’s better to consume carrots juice daily, just don’t overdo it. One glass in a day will be great for your eyes. As for cucumbers, you can eat mindfully them with any food. They help in digestion as well. 

3. Lean Meat

If you want to grow your muscle mass or maybe you want healthier bones. Then eating lean meat will turn out to be very beneficial for you. Such foods help in building your muscle mass and your bones. Lean meat is rich in protein and it can help in making your muscles at a good rate.

Although you do need a good amount of physical exercise to grow your muscles, including lean meat in your diet, can do wonders. If you don’t like meat then you can also use chicken breast as a replacement for lean meat. The reason why I am forcing on these two is that they are low in carbs and high in protein, this makes them the perfect food for any diet. 

4. Peanuts

Another food is rich in protein. Peanuts are a good source of healthy fats and protein. If you want to gain weight or even maintain a healthy weight then peanuts should be your first choice. Another way you can eat peanuts is peanut butter. 

Peanut butter is perfect as a post-workout food. One tablespoon of peanut butter into your favorite smoothie can give you a very good amount of protein and healthy nutrients. If you like hitting the gym and you are looking for food that tastes great and has protein in it. Then include this food in your diet right now. 

5. Powdered Bone Broth

There are different ways in which you can consume bone broth. Either you can cook them for several hours or buy a pack of powdered bone broth. The benefit of using it is that you can save the time and hassle of boiling bones for several hours. 

Powdered bone broth is rich in collagen and protein. Both these nutrients are vital for your bone health. By consuming powdered bone broth on a daily basis you can improve your skin and hair. Bone broth is rich in nutrients like calcium, manganese, sulfur, and iron. 


By using these 5 foods in your diet you can have various health benefits that can be good for you in the long run. By using powdered bone broths you can increase your daily collagen intake, and by using dark green veggies you can improve your digestive health.

Similarly, carrots and other non-starchy veggies contain similar benefits. If you don’t like eating vegetables then you can also make vegetable broth. This way you will keep yourself warm and get all the health benefits of vegetables. 

If you are someone who is really concerned about their health. Then you should include these 5 foods in your daily diet. 

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