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5 Good Reasons to Study Computer Science in Germany

With the latest development each day, computer science is a rapidly growing sector globally. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, the computer science industry will grow much faster than other industries over the next several years. The main reason for the rapid expansion is a significant increase in the demand for computer software. Employees with computational skills are in high need to steer the company’s day-to-day functions. Therefore, it is the right time to sign up for a course in computer science to land a job in this thriving industry.

Individuals seeking a career in the computer science industry can consider a course in Computer Science and Digitisation to develop their managerial, intellectual, and practical skills. Many colleges and universities across the globe are offering Computer Science and Digitisation courses. Still, there’s no denying that Germany is one of the best places in the world to gain core computer science skills to kickstart a career in this domain. 

If you’re still unsure about choosing Germany to study a Computer Science and Digitisation programme, here are the top reasons that may encourage you to start researching your study options.

1. Germany is a digitally developed nation 

Digital technologies have been transforming Germany’s economy. The digitization of the economy creates benefits as digital technologies drive innovation and open job vacancies. Thus, there is an increasing demand for IT and Computer Science professionals nationwide. This is also why universities in the nation invite students and graduates for internships to provide professional training and make them future-ready.

2. Digital Strategy 2025

The German Government’s Digital Strategy 2025 aims to enhance digitization processes in the nation. The Digital Strategy 2025 describes the priorities of the Government of Germany. The programme focuses on making Germany a global leader in quality and technology for years to come. The programme also focuses on introducing digital education and becoming one of the leaders in digital infrastructure in the education sector by 2025.

3. Land a job at a tech giant in no time

German companies invest heavily in research and development. German companies run their research and development institutes. The nation is home to many start-ups and medium-sized tech companies, creating several job opportunities. Therefore, Germany is an excellent place to work for computer science professionals.

4. Affordable tuition fees

Germany is one of the most student-friendly nations. The Government of Germany believes that education is a necessity for all. Therefore, the German Government waived tuition fees from public universities in 2014. Education at private universities in Germany is also relatively lower than in the U.S., Canada, and Singapore. Affordable tuition fees at public and private universities are why many international students consider Germany to earn a degree. 

5. Low cost of living

Studying in Germany is good in terms of cost. The nation offers a high standard of living at a relatively lower price. International students can expect to spend between EUR 700 and EUR 1000 per month while staying in Germany. The average rent of a shared flat in the nation is EUR 280 per month and 170 EUR per month for food. 

Now that you know why Germany is the best place to study computer science, explore top education institutes to make a well-informed decision for your career.

This article is Contributed by Monika Sinha.

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