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5 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Store Is Not Selling

Many eCommerce stores end up facing the dreaded issue of low sales. There are many reasons why an eCommerce store fails to generate sales. While there are no hard and fast rules to increase your sales, there are still a few steps you can take to ensure the prospect of high sales increases drastically. 

1. No exceptional products put up for sale

One of the reasons behind the lack of eCommerce sales is that the store is not meeting the market demands. All stores, whether large or small, face tough competition in the market owing to the large number of companies competing with each other. 

To effectively utilize all marketing channels and gain a competitive edge, a store would need to outlay a massive budget. Stores that make use of competitive pricing strategies tend to succeed. However, an easy way to win sales is to offer a unique product that has a high demand. Once you start offering exceptional products for sale, all you need is a little patience. A unique product is one of the best winning strategies. It helps you win customers. 

2. Your website is not generating enough traffic

Many stores frequently ask the question of why my eCommerce site is not selling. It is because your store is not generating a high volume of traffic to its website, which is essential for increasing sales. If the website traffic is low then it means you are engaging fewer customers, and as a result, the sales volume would not be high. Increasing traffic to your website is essential as not all visitors will be purchasing from your store. This way you can increase engagement and boost chances of conversion. 

To increase traffic you need to engage potential customers by posting fresh quality content online. You also need to become active on social media channels to make sure your website increases its exposure to potential customers. Once there is an increase in traffic to your website, the chances of conversions and hence sales increases. 

3. A bad user experience

Do you face the same issue – my store has no sales. Here is the main reason. Websites have to be up to the mark to face the tough competition inherent in the market. Any flaws in the website such as poor navigation or high load time will result in the visitor turning away from your website. A high bounce rate is one of the main reasons why sales are low. 

You need to identify the reasons behind the high bounce rate. You need to understand that with so many choices available on the internet, visitors will not spend extra time on a website if they encounter issues. They will simply leave for another website or another competitor. 

Apart from poor navigation, there may be issues with your website content. A visitor typically spends only a few seconds on a website before deciding to stay or move on. The content should be well-written so that it can engage the visitor immediately. Your content will demonstrate how professional you are and how credible is your website. 

Visitors should encounter no difficulties when they have to narrow down their search for a product. Also, make sure the users get all the information they need about a product so that they won’t look elsewhere for it. 

Among other steps that you can take to minimize bounce rate is to put up a reasonable return policy in place. Make the credit card information secure and try instilling confidence among the users so that they will do business with your store. 

4. Failure to explain the value proposition of offerings

You need to explain the value proposition that your client will get by purchasing your product. One reason why some eCommerce fail to make sales is that their website fails to explain the value proposition to the visitors. Customers want to know why your product is better for them. So when you put up a product page, make sure you explain clearly what makes your products or services better and different from its competitors. 

5. Your store fails to target the correct audience

This point will give a clear answer to those who ask why my eCommerce site is not selling. 

Identifying the target audience and then targeting it is essential for the success of stores. If you fail to engage the right audience you may end up inviting the wrong audience. This means that the visitors will turn away from your website once they find it has nothing of their interest to offer to them. This will then increase the bounce rate and hence affect the SEO ranking of your website. 

Stores are a success if they succeed in driving targeted organic traffic. Such traffic is more likely to result in conversions and hence increase eCommerce sales. 

There are a few tips you must follow to drive organic traffic to your website. Start by optimizing your social media accounts such as Facebook and Pinterest. It will allow you to reach out to potential customers interested in your products.  

Write quality content that focuses on providing solutions to the customers’ issues. Once they read your store has the product that solves their issues, they will engage with your website and make a purchase. 

You also need to start focusing on SEO. This will help your website gain the top position on the search engine results page. It means that more visitors will visit your website and buy your products. 

Another must-follow step is to start email marketing using different strategies such as segmenting. Segmentation is important as it helps you reach out to potential customers specifically instead of approaching a wide audience that may include people not interested in your offerings. 

Last word

So these were the tips your eCommerce stores need to utilize to increase sales. From increasing traffic to offering a unique value proposition, you need to focus on offering unique products and a good user experience to your visitors. However, you need to demonstrate patience while employing these tactics. Increasing eCommerce sales is a gradual process that consumes time. Do not expect overnight results. There will be a gradual increase in sales over some time once you implement all these tips in your marketing strategy.  If you still don’t have an eCommerce store for your business then you can consult web development experts

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