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5 Things that Indicate that your Wifi Router has A Superpower

Does your WiFi router have a superpower? 

Yes, it sure does.

Check out the five things that indicate that your wifi has a superpower. 

1. Machine controlling

What do we use the WiFi router for? Why has it become the day to day necessity of human life? As we all know that wifi can control gadgets and electrical devices in its range. It can make the gadgets work according to need. It thus can make the gadget function and stop whenever required. This is the reason why we need WiFi.

But what is extraordinary in this? Specialty is that the WiFi can do all this stuff without any physical contact. This capability of WiFi can be related to the term hypnotism as it can make the device work as directed. WiFi can also access its data, read it, and even manipulate it. To see this in action, you can login into your wifi admin panel and see for yourself. This ability is precisely similar to the power of possession, which can control someone else’s mind and manipulate It to make the body obey your order.

This power of ownership is not commonly found in every being and thus termed as the extraordinary ability, the superpower.

2. Teleportation

Can we see WiFi travel? No, we don’t. Even if we can’t see it, the WiFi goes from one gadget to another without any physical connection within. Then how does it make connections? Well, it uses waves and electric energy to move. It can tour through wires and cables, moreover through the vast internet visiting your PCs and devices. When we compare this ability to a superpower, isn’t this aspect termed as telepathy in the human world? Yes indeed. The great WiFi also possesses the super-potential of teleportation. Exactly like teleportation, the WiFi invisibly travels through every gadget around it.

WiFi thus has the super ability of teleportation, which it uses to control several devices, access data, and even execute it. This is merely one of the superpowers that the WiFi holds.

3. Transformation

You might have seen some superheroes and even super-villains transforming one state of matter to another. They might turn water into ice just with some movement of hands or even produce fire and many other stuff. The WiFi also has such power of transformation.

What does your WiFi do? Well, It transfers data from one device to another. What is data moving? Well, it involves the conversion of molecular particles or the informal data entered into binary code. The counterparts of the binary system are accordingly transmitted, which is what a data transfer refers to.

Exactly how will you explain this process in simple language? Won’t you say it converted one form of matter to another and then transported it? Isn’t this the definition of transportation? Yes, this is what we term as super-ability. The WiFi has the power to transform matter. It can change the state and even control it. What do we conclude from this then? That the WiFi has a superpower, that the WiFi is a super-being.

4. Super-speed

What is the super speed? Taking its word to mean, super means something extraordinary, something which is beyond reasonable, and what we know about speed is the time taken to travel some distance.

Thus super-speed is the ability to travel some distance in a short time. We understand that this ability is owned by some of our superheroes who can go miles in a fraction of time.

When it comes to the data transfer, we all know that WiFi is the fastest mode of data transfer. It is the blessing to humankind as it has the capability of transferring data in minimal time. Where it takes minutes for some methods to make the same transfer, the WiFi does it in a fraction of second.

Can we compare it to the superpower of the superheroes? Yes, why not? Speed, super-speed, is the best ability to WiFi. This is the reason why the WiFi is taking over on Earth. At last, we can say that WiFi is the superpower, the extraordinary ability of speed. Indeed a superpower!

5. The destruction

The greatest and the deadliest of all powers is the power of destruction. It can cause total damage and loss in a glance. The super-villain has this superpower, which they use to cause havoc in a peaceful world.
How is that related to WiFi? We most often go around and find some open WiFi source and sometimes even connect to it. The open-source is also the deadliest one. If the open-source WiFi has a virus in it, then the infection can corrupt all your devices and erase every data in it. It could cause you much loss as the data might be something important to you.

Thus if this good WiFi turns out to be a traitor and decides to cause destruction, it can handily bring about the damage. Giving you the total loss. Isn’t this also a superpower? Maybe it’s a bad one even then it is a superpower possessed by the WiFi.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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