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5 Things To Do In Goa For Free That Don’t Cost Anything

The tourism of Goa is strongly driven by its pretty beaches, warm sunshine, amazing nightlife, casinos and picturesque churches built by the early Portuguese invaders. All these tourist delights in Goa with an exception of nightlife and casinos don’t cost anything to explore and they are 100% free! Sounds great eh?  However, you need to be aware that you will need to pay for the travel, boarding and lodging expenses of your holiday in Goa. Our blog post will focus on the free things to do in Goa.

Book your cheap flights to India with Indian Eagle for huge savings on airfares. Dabolim Airport (GOI) is the primary airport serving the city of Goa and this is where you will be landing in if you choose to fly to Goa. If you are wondering about how to do sightseeing in Goa for free you must read on.

Bask away in the glory of Goa’s beaches for free

Goa prides itself for its warm beaches with turquoise waters. From tranquil beaches to surf beaches to virgin beaches, there’s a beach that suits the taste of all beach bums. 

Choose from the noisy beaches in North Goa like Baga Beach and Calungute Beach or from the serene beaches in South Goa like Benaulim Beach and Palolem Beach to enjoy the free sunshine and free beach fun. 

Explore the mesmerizing churches of Goa for free

Goa, sometimes known as the “Land of Churches” is a perfect location for gaining inner peace and becoming spiritually stronger. 

It is not uncommon to find tourists thronging this city just for exploring its elegant old-style church buildings inspired by Gothic, Baroque and Spanish styles of architecture. Some of the churches in Goa like Basilica of Bom Jesus and Saint Catherine’s Chapel are UNESCO World Heritage sites and are worth visiting and the best part is entry is free to all of them. 

Hike the popular hiking trails in Goa for free

There’s another reason for adventure junkies to feel happy about, Goa has some amazing trekking trails which don’t cost anything to begin the trekking adventures. 

Our best picks are the famous Dudhsagar Falls Trek, Valpoi to Krishna Canyon, and the Mollem National Park Trek. The Dudhsagar Falls Trek begins at the bottom of the beautiful Dudhsagar waterfalls located near the Goa-Karnataka border and will take you to places like Castle Rock and Kuveshi Falls. The must-do is climbing to the top of Dudhsagar waterfalls for getting stunning panoramic views of Goa. 

Explore the peaceful lanes of Fontainhas for free

Believe us when we say good things in life are free! This is particularly true when it comes to discovering the European style buildings right inside India in the narrow and winding lanes of Fontainhas –a Latin quarter located in Panjim city of Goa. You don’t have to travel all the way to Europe for this.

Walk along the narrow streets of Fontainhas to step back in time and admire the beautiful Portuguese-style heritage buildings painted in electric colors of yellow, blue and green. 

Get amazed by the Goan Carnival for free

Travelers who like to experience Goa in a budget mustn’t give a miss to the popular Goan Carnival that takes place every year in February to learn about the Goan culture and lifestyle. This also is one of the best free things to do in Goa.

The entry to the Carnival is 100% free! The carnival is also known by other names such as Viva Carnival and Carnaval and is held throughout Goa. The main highlight of the carnival is the open parade on the streets filled with dancers, musicians and entertainers.

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