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6 Geometrics Tattoo designs you must try

Tattooing is an art nowadays, and many people see it as a form of art and self-expression. If you look around you, you can find a lot of people with tattoos, because finally, society has accepted people with tattoos and does not think of tattoos as taboo.

Many new tattoo artists are entering the industry to pursue their passion, and with new artists come new designs. This might confuse the customers about which design they should opt for. There are a lot of designs in the market, like spiritual designs, realism designs, tribal designs, etc. But nowadays people are looking to be creative with the use of shapes and lines; they are focusing more on geometric tattoo designs because this design is something unique; not many people opt for this, which is recently trending among youngsters, and it might require an artist with experience and skills for creating this type of tattoo.

If you are someone who is planning to get a new tattoo but is still confused about what style to try, then you can go for a geometric tattoo. This will look aesthetically pleasing and make you stand out from the crowd because in recent times most people are looking for small tattoo designs or spiritual designs. These are some of the designs which are most commonly used by people. I would advise you to go for a geometric tattoo because you can choose from a lot of options and might create your own personal tattoo design with the help of shapes and lines.

Geometric tattoos consist of shapes like circles, cuboids, rectangles, triangles, squares, etc. With the help of these shapes, you can make your own design with the help of a tattoo artist and also choose from the designs that some people have already tried.

So, to reduce your confusion, in this article we are going to discuss some of the famous geometric designs you must try:

1. Lion Tattoo Design:

If you are someone who is fearless, courageous, brave and has other attributes like a lion, then you can get a Lion Geometric Tattoo. The lion is also known as the king of the jungle, and it is also a sign of royalty. In this design, you can choose from a lot of different variations, but a geometric lion tattoo design will look out of this world and make you stand out from the crowd. A lion’s design is typical to make, and not a lot of artists can make this type of big tattoo, so you have to go to an artist who has experience making this type of tattoo.

Talking about size, this design will look much better if it is bigger in size; a small tattoo with this design might not look as good as you’d hoped for. It can also take around 2–3 sittings to complete a tattoo and might cost you a little extra, so you need an extra budget.

An experienced artist will charge you for his skills and talent, but the result you will get in the end will be very amazing. A lot of people decide to get a lion tattoo on their chest, arm, or thighs because a tattoo of this size will look better in those areas.

2. Wolf Tattoo Design:

Wolf is a symbolically rich animal; it is associated with loyalty and family. The wolves are seen in groups, and the one who leads the group is the alpha wolf, so the characteristics of the wolf are also seen as those of a leader or protector. The animals that provide a sense of survival in the jungle are wolves. If you are someone who relates to these qualities, then you can get the wolf tattoo done. Many people use wolf tattoos to showcase their freedom and love for family. There are a lot of designs in Wolf Tattoo, but one with geometric shapes makes it one of the unique tattoo designs.

The size of the geometric wolf tattoo doesn’t matter because it looks cool in both small and large sizes. But I will advise you to get a large wolf tattoo done because, with all the detailing and texture of the geometric style, it will look more aesthetic and charming in a large size.

You can decide the placement of this tattoo yourself, but here are some areas on which it will shine: the forearm, abdomen, and back. If you are looking for a small geometric wolf tattoo, then it will look better on your wrist.

3. Triangle Tattoo Design:

The triangle tattoo is the most basic geometric tattoo design. It might be simple in design, but the shape is associated with love and wisdom. Also, the three corners of a triangle can represent the past, present, and future. If you’re looking to get inked for the first time, this tattoo design might be for you because it’s easier to make and looks great in a small size.

A lot of people choose this design if they want something simple and minimalistic with a deep meaning. People also prefer this tattoo in large size, also with designs of illuminati and scenery triangle tattoos. But I would personally advise you to get a small triangle tattoo on your wrist or forearm; it will look more aesthetic and pleasing in a smaller size. A tattoo of this size with deep meaning is a popular choice among youngsters.

4. Butterfly Tattoo Design:

Butterfly tattoo designs were popular in the 1990s, but they are becoming popular again in modern times. A lot of people from the new generation are looking to get a butterfly tattoo, but with a twist. They have introduced so many designs around the butterfly that everyone keeps getting confused. But the geometric design of a butterfly tattoo is something that is very different and unique. The butterfly symbolizes transition, freedom, and beauty. There are a lot of people who might relate to the butterfly and getting this tattoo done.

This tattoo design can look stylish and tasteful in both small and large sizes. A geometric butterfly tattoo will look best in a small size. You can personally be so creative with this tattoo design that it will be something unique for you.

There are a lot of artists in the market who will do this tattoo design on your body, but you have to choose someone who has more experience and skills because the geometric butterfly tattoo design may look simple to make, but it requires a lot more personal touch and more details to be filled in very accurately. So, getting this tattoo done by someone with experience might be a better choice for you.

The placement of a butterfly tattoo looks very beautiful on a person’s arm, neck, and collarbone.

5. Flower tattoo design:

A geometric flower tattoo design is something that can be made with simple lines and shapes. But if you want to be creative and create your own design a flower tattoo, then there is no limit; you can make many different designs with your tattoo artist’s help. Every flower has a different meaning, a rose can be related to love, a lotus can be related to enlightenment and purity, etc.

It is commonly seen that flower tattoo designs are mostly chosen by girls, but this is not true; many men also prefer to get flower tattoos, and with geometric shapes and lines, they become more aesthetic and graceful.

The size of this tattoo should be large because, in a smaller size, the detailing may not be visible to you. The geometric design of a flower has to be very detailed and specific. A large-sized design will look best on your body. You can choose the placement of these tattoos, but the most preferable areas for these tattoos are the arm, back, or neck.

6. Compass Tattoo Design:

This design is best suited for people who love to travel and to move around their destinations. This tattoo can be a symbol of all the obstacles you have overcome and how you are on the right path in your life. The compass tattoo also gives you a sense of direction. People can choose from a lot of compass tattoo designs, but a geometric design can be worth trying. A geometric compass tattoo design will look sexy on your body.

If we see the size of this tattoo, people usually go for the medium or small size because this tattoo looks very elegant in those sizes. A compass tattoo isn’t hard to make, but with geometric shapes and lines, it can be a little tricky for your artist.

This tattoo looks best on the forearm and back neck of a person. It would look amazing in both areas.

So, these are six geometric tattoo designs you must try if you are looking for some change in your tattoo styles. There are numerous geometric tattoo designs available, such as Bee, Tiger, and others. But the designs that were mentioned above might be the best design choices you need to try for your next body art design.

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