6 Tips to Boost the Sales of Your T-Shirt Store with Design Software Online


T-shirts are one of the most staple wardrobe inclusions which is the reason for its ever-increasing and veritable popularity since time immemorial. 

So if you have a t-shirt business and facing tremendous competition, then it is not a surprise. Starting a t-shirt business in itself is quite stressful and then surviving it is a different ball game altogether.

To counter that, you should integrate your site with the most proficient t-shirt design software. With such a tool you can actually enable your customers to design their t-shirts from scratch with a plenitude of designing options from clip arts and shades to templates and quotes. 

But for making the most of your t-shirt eCommerce and maximise the profit by boosting the sales, here are certain steps and features that you can implement. Take a look. 

1. Display the T-shirt Design to the World

Even after you have integrated the software with your site, your job is not over with. You have to apprise your customers about the same. Your customers will only come to you if they know about your USP and you are different from the others. That is why you should highlight your designs in most of the designs through the different channels of digital marketing. You can also ask the experts for showcasing your designs on the network of theirs so that the reach is widened very easily. In this case the social media can prove to quite beneficial as this will enhance your exposure without spending massively.

2. Ensure Great Product Images

People do not usually buy something without seeing it or taking it for a spin. But with ecommerce that is not possible with ecommerce. So for compensating for all that you have to make the pictures look real and come alive through excellent graphics and photography. The t-shirt ecommerce’s conversion rates are affected by the product photography. You will get many evidences online to know how larger, better and more product photography work in the favour of your ecommerce. The product pictures must be 

  • High-quality
  • Relevant
  • Show the right colour option
  • Proper size for the design of the page
  • Display the vital details
  • Allow users to zoom in
  • Offer a sense of scale or contexts
  • Use that video too

For your eCommerce business you should be able to display the high-quality, multiple product images. You should let the shoppers zoom in and you should be able to do A/B test the size, placement and variety. 

3. Use Design Platforms and Channels for Awareness

You will get a lot of channels and platforms that showcase the t-shirt designs for the industry. You can use them to give your images a greater exposure in a cost-effective manner. These are industry-specific platforms where the potent customers can seek inspirations from. You will be surprised by the reach of these platforms and they can bridge the gap between your t-shirt business, the USP that you offer and the potential customers. Customers will get to know your business well and can think of the purchase. This is bound to augment your sales and help it achieve its true potential.   

4. Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping happens to be a myth. Most of the businesses charge money for the shipping. But the shoppers always prefer free shipping. Even if this implies that the real price of the shipping is built in the customised t-shirts that you sell. Almost 75% of the customers prefer the “free shipping” option at the checkout. In fact, people also are seen to add-up to their existing carts for meeting the threshold of free-shipping. 

5. Show Off Customer Trust Signals and Testimonials

Trust is of priority in contemporary times. Customers will come to your t-shirt store only when they get value or are aware of people who do that. You should use the testimonials to benefit and show potent customers the trust that you have gained. You can also use testimonials and customer feedbacks from the landing page in order to send the positive vibes and signals to the customers. You should not hesitate to display the trust signals and certifications for helping to drive sales of the store. 

6. Go for Loyalty Programs

The customer loyalty programs are the ways in which you reward the repeat customers and inspire them to stay that way. A great loyalty program is not just giving away the repeat customers instead it is a channel for strengthening the customer relationships. For your online t-shirt business, the loyalty program should do at least 3 things – 

  1. Inspire the repeat customers to make added purchases
  2. Encourage the customers who are returning to spend more on every purchase
  3. Discourage the loyal customers from shopping with the competition. 

By following these alongside integrating your site with a quality t-shirt designing software, you can enhance your customer sales, engagement and profit.

Author – Nitesh Ranjan is a digital marketing expert with keen interest on topics, trends and ideas related to brand promotion and advertising. 

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