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7 Driveway Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your House

Driveway lighting is one of the important things to consider. It will ensure safety and security at the home entrance. The optimum lighting system at your driveway will not just create a good appeal but also enhance the curb appeal of your house. 

There are different lighting systems available in the market and you have to pick the right one as per your requirement and your driveway layout. After that call a good electrician in your area like an electrician and install the right driveway lighting system. 

Here, in this article we will discuss different lighting fixtures that you can install at your driveway

1. Path Lighting Fixtures

If your driveway has planting beds on its side, then you can consider the installation of path lights. Install various path lights for perfect illumination. If there are no planting beds along your driveway, then consider adding these for installing path lights. 

It is not mandatory to install the lighting fixture in your entire driveway. A few fixtures to light up your path would be enough. These lights will also make your path visually appealing during the night. You can alternate the location of the path lights on either side of your driveway.

2. Up Lighting Fixtures 

If your driveway has a line of trees on both sides, then you can install the uplighting fixture to get good effects. You can install two up lights in each tree. It will provide subtle lighting effects on your driveway and also make your trees look beautiful during the night. For the uplighting system, you should consider only low-voltage systems. 

The low-voltage lighting fixture can provide the required level of light in your driveway. Also, these fixtures will keep your utility bills low. To install the up-lighting system in your driveway, you should call a professional like Northern Beaches electricians Sydney who can handle this task efficiently.

3. Install Post Lights

The post lights are capable to provide illumination up to 30-foot diameters. It is another option to light up your driveway. You can install these lights along your driveway or just at the entry point of your driveway. If there is an allele of trees along with your driveway, then you should consider the height of the lamp post less than the height of the trees. It is so because the light from your lamp post does not interfere with the trees. 

This type of lighting system requires 120v. That means this will require high energy consumption. Also, it needs to invest in expensive lighting fixtures. If these lights fail to work, then immediately call an electrician because keeping your driveway in dark is not safe. You should call an electrician who is ready to sever 24*7 like Northern Beaches, emergency electricians. 

4. Vintage Gas Lighting Fixtures

If you want to give a vintage look to your house, then you can install gas lighting fixtures. The modern type of gaslighting fixture can be operated from your house. You do not need to go out and light them up. 

5. Down Lighting System 

You can leverage the dark shade trees along your driveways. Install down lighting fixtures in your trees and light up your driveway. The moonlight or down lighting fixtures will throw light in a downward direction that helps in creating a subtle effect. 

The major disadvantage of these types of lighting systems is that you need a tall ladder to replace the faulty bulb with a new one. For installation of the downlighting system, you should call an experienced contractor like the electrical contractors of northern beaches. 

You can also install these lights on the top of entry piers and gates as well. These lighting fixtures will also require 120V electricity and will efficiently light up your driveway. 

6. Solar Driveway Lighting

Solar lights for the driveway are an energy-friendly technique to light up your driveway. These lighting fixtures do not require an electric supply for their operation. Solar lights convert solar energy into electric energy. Also, these fixtures can be installed anywhere in your driveway because there is no need for electric wiring for their operation. If you want to reduce the running cost then solar lights are the best option available in the market. 

7. Boundary Wall Lights

If there is a boundary wall along your driveway, then the boundary wall lighting system is the best option to consider. Invest in a good outdoor lighting system that can handle different weather conditions and install them on the driveway boundary walls. 

The boundary wall fixtures will throw the light in a downward direction. This will create a subtle effect and efficiently illuminate the path for safely driving the vehicle during the night. The boundary wall lights not just light up the driveway but also make it easier for the drivers to see the wall easily. 

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.




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