7 Great Aspects Make Palakkad a Great Place to Live


Palakkad known as the granary of Kerala has an economy that thrives on agriculture. The place acts as a gateway to Kerala through the Palakkad gap which stretches across a width of 32-40 km. Palakkad is said to have had a vast expanse of forest cover mainly comprising the sweet-scented Pala trees. Palakkad comprises many fertile plains owing to its wide network of rivers and streams besides hills and forests. 

However the district has witnessed many developmental activities over the years across various sectors including education, healthcare and real estate. If you have plans to buy a home in  Palakkad, we list out a few positive aspects of living in Palakkad.

1. Beautiful and natural environment

Palakkad never fails to mesmerise you with its natural beauty. It is one of the biggest producers of rice in Kerala and is famous for its green and beautiful paddy fields. It is one of the places which has preserved its pristine beauty even after the invasion of many infrastructural developments. Palakkad is ideal for those who want to have a blend of modern and rustic lifestyle in a pollution-free environment.

2. Cost of living

The cost of living in Palakkad is known to be 30-40%  lower compared to other cities of Kerala like Kochi or Trivandrum. Though the prices of everyday grocery items like are the same, the rate of rent may vary across Palakkad. Remote and rural areas may charge lesser fee as rent.

3. Infrastructure

Palakkad has a very good infrastructure to lead a hassle-free and comfortable life. It has good connectivity with major cities of the country via regular trains. The city also has a good and wide network of roads. Palakkad is also home to some of the oldest and renowned educational institutions in Kerala that include NSS College of Engineering and Government Victoria College which are located at a distance of 7.5 km and 750 mts respectively. The nearest railway stations are Palakkad Junction Railway station which is 2.6 km away and Palakkad Town Railway station which is1.8 km away from the city.

4. IT hub, new job opportunities

The city holds a great potential to generate a lot of job opportunities for the tech-savvy youth. With the launch of the new IIT campus at Kanjikode which started functioning in its temporary campus near Kozhipara. This will trigger an exponential growth in the city and bring about high standards of living, especially with the arrival of many multinational companies.

5. Rich heritage and culture

Palakkad has an evident culture influenced by the Tamil Brahmin community who migrated from Tamil Nadu. The temple town celebrates a host of festivals all year round with much fun and frolic. The Kalpathy chariot festival is one such festival that attracts hordes of people from different parts of the country. Palakkad has also produced many stalwarts in the field of music including Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar.  Chembai Parthasarathy Ekadasi Music Festival is an annual festival which is a must-visit event for carnatic music lovers from all parts of the country.

6. Tourist destination

Palakkad has many tourist attractions thanks to its rich diversity in landscape and a variety of flora and fauna. Silent Valley, Nelliyampathy Hills, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Malampuzha Dam are the popular tourist destinations in the district. 

7. Climate

Palakkad has a pleasant climate throughout the year except for the summers when the temperatures are at its peak. The months of October to February witness a cool and enjoyable climate whereas the hot months of April and March will have extreme weather with temperatures rising up to 40 degree celsius.

Therefore it is no wonder that Palakkad has now become one of the favourite destinations among established realtors of Kerala. Hope this article has proved beneficial for all those who are planning to buy a villa or apartment in Palakkad.

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