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7 Ideas for Kids Bedroom Themes

As your child keeps growing and their old nursery no longer satisfies their needs, it is time for a room makeover. Renovating the kids’ room is probably the most fun home improvement project out there: you can get as creative as you want and create a truly magical space your child will love. However, where should you start? The first step to a successful kids’ room makeover is picking a theme that your child resonates with. If you need some inspiration, here are a few popular ideas that allow for a lot of creativity.

1. Classic woodland

Going for a classic woodland theme for your child’s bedroom is a timeless choice. Whether you decide to implement a more illustrative style and bolder colors or a subdued palette that consists of natural tones, this theme works well for boys’ and girls’ rooms alike. Create a scene with the help of wall decals and use a lot of natural materials for an authentic feel. Don’t forget to also add the little inhabitants of the forest: cute animal-shaped pillows and framed wall art are a sophisticated way to do it. Forests are often the setting of fairy tales, too, so you can add a pinch of magic to the design if you want to spice it up.

2. Mysterious space

Space and space travel are topics many kids are interested in, so turning your children’s room into a space station might just be what your kids want. Again, there are multiple ways to do this. You don’t necessarily have to paint all the walls dark blue for a space theme if you’re worried about the room feeling small and stuffy. Instead, create one feature wall and organize the rest of the design around that. A hanging solar system model is a must, but a galaxy projector is also a handy addition. If your little one cannot get enough of spaceships and astronauts, bring in a modern vibe with black and white.

3. Magical glam

The next theme you can consider if your child is into fairies, wizards, and all things magical is a chic and glamorous room that will make them feel like they are living in their favourite book. You are not strictly restricted to a particular color palette, but to make sure the design exudes that fantasy vibe, incorporate golden or other metallic accents. An eye-catching headboard with lots of throw pillows can be a great focal point, for instance. You can also hang illustrations of magical creatures or inspiring quotes in ornate frames on the walls.

4. Colorful jungle

If your kid loves animals, you can bring them closer to the outdoors with a jungle-themed room. A busy foliage-patterned wallpaper is an easy way to create the atmosphere, but you don’t have to go overboard with the wall décor if you want the room design to stay more versatile. Paint it a neutral color and bring in the jungle vibe through other décor elements. Add a few lush plants to the space, pick colorful jungle-themed kids quilts, and add a pop of color with accents. Hang a hammock for the full effect!

5. Floral paradise

Not every bedroom theme has to be strictly specific. You can design a colorful room for your little one by simply going for florals. This bedroom theme is universal so you won’t have to worry about your child losing interest in it in a few months, which is something to take into account if you aren’t planning on redecorating in the near future. A floral bedroom does not need to be boring: you can pick a fun wallpaper pattern and use bright colours for the floors and bedding if you want it to be more playful.

6. All the colours of the rainbow

A simple but fun theme that fits any kids’ room is a colourful rainbow theme. Start with rainbow wall art and incorporate all the colours of the rainbow into the design one by one. However, if you’re not a fan of primary shades, a rainbow-themed room doesn’t need to be jarring; you can go in a more subdued and even vintage direction. Instead of bright colours, pick their pastel counterparts for a more sophisticated look. Finding rainbow-themed décor won’t be difficult today. Add other elements such as clouds to make the design cuter.

7. A camping trip

Finally, if going on camping trips is your child’s favourite activity, you can bring the camping atmosphere into their everyday life with the right room design. As for colours, you want to pick natural shades. Create a scenery with wall décor and turn the bed into a tent with the help of a canopy. A seating area that imitates the look of a campfire will complete the look perfectly, but you can even look into getting a mini picnic table. Don’t forget to add atmospheric string lights for a cozy feel.

Once you have decided on a theme, decorating the children’s room will be a fun, creative project. Make sure you involve your kids in it and take their wishes into account. After all, the most important thing is that they love the result.

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