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7 Little-Known Ways to Maximize Travel Budget for the Philippines

Want to explore more of the Philippines on a limited amount of money? That is totally possible! Sit back and relax, while we share 7 little known ways to maximize your travel budget for the Philippines. 

1. Go on a motorcycle

Our first and most important recommendation for use you is to travel by motorcycle rather than spending a lot of money on renting a car or taking your own car for the vacation. Fuel expenses in a motorcycle is comparatively just a fraction of the amount of money will have to spend in maintaining the fuel cost of a car. The second thing that motorcycles help you do is to connect better with the experience by stopping at places and going places where a car cannot take you. The third advantage of going on a motorcycle is that you don’t have to worry about paying parking fees which is something simply unavoidable if you have a car. And last but not the least, maintenance and repair expenses of a motorcycle is also just a fraction of the amount of money you will have to spend for repairing a car if it breaks down during the journey. Make it a point to be safe and secure while riding a motorcycle. We strongly recommend that you invest in premium motorcycle helmets for both yourself and the pillion rider along with other necessary riding safety gears such as gloves, boots and jackets.

2. Camp and cook your own meals

A lot of smart tourists are choosing to camp and cook their own meals instead of staying at the hotels and eating at restaurants. there is a definite advantage of doing that. First, you don’t have to pay for the hotel rooms, and second you don’t have to waste a lot of money in eating at restaurants or hotels. If you know how to set up a camp, just carry a tent in the motorcycle top box and find a suitable place to set up camp he was also going to need a camp stove to cook food and a few butane canisters to serve as the stove fuel. There are many open public camping grounds in the Philippines, and all you have to do is find and locate those spots before heading out on your trip. Check out local tourist forums and relevant information on the Internet to locate camping grounds in the Philippines. 

3. Make do with less stuff

Always make do with less stuff. Reduce the number of things you have to carry in the motorcycle luggage boxes, not only will that reduce the overall weight on the motorcycle, which will have a direct impact on the few leverage after motorcycle, but also keep your mind free from the hassle of managing and he was a load of luggage everywhere you go. While packing the luggage, choose things smartly an opt for only those things that can serve multiple purposes without taking up a lot of space. The primary goal of the trip should be to explore the destination rather than enjoying the lavishness of a cozy life! Also, if you happen to find yourself in a situation where you need something in order to be comfortable, instead of carrying it with you, buy it in the local market and save some money in the process. 

4. Pick the off-season for travels

Everything is more expensive in the peak tourist seasons in the Philippines. The Philippines is mostly hot and humid throughout the year with a limited span of winters during which travelers from all around the world gather together to visit and explore the wonderful flora and fauna of the Philippines. So, find yourself a time when the footfall is relatively low, because that is when you can find great deals on hotel accommodations, and everything else is also relatively cheaper compared to the costs during peak tourist seasons. 

5. Use free resources

Look for free resources when you are traveling. There are many places where you can get a free Wi-Fi connection that you can use to make phone calls or video calls back home instead of spending money on normal mobile phone tariff. If you look closely, you can also find places to stay by paying a very small amount of money rather than a full-fledged hotel room that will be expensive. Look for all you can eat buffets and deals in the local marketplace to collect souvenirs and mementos for friends and family back home. While free resources help you save money, you can also make a little bit of money when you are on tour! There are many e-learning platforms that let you earn money by teaching English, coding, designing or any other skills that you have in abundance. Look for such opportunities to share your knowledge and experience with people who want it in return for money. These money earning opportunities do not have to limit you within the confines of your home, and you can easily do that while traveling.

6. Explore the local markets

We are a strong advocate of getting only the bare minimum of things in your motorcycle luggage box when going on a vacation. Everywhere around the world, no matter where you go, there are going to be stores and shops selling the same things that you need to be comfortable and safe – and you can buy those things locally instead of carrying everything with you! If you are planning to camp and cook your own meals come on explore the local market for deals in raw vegetables and cooking supplies.  

7. Ask the locals

There are things that only the local people know when it comes to matters of finding cheap alternatives for expensive things. Keep an open mind an ask for recommendations from local people to know of money-saving deals. But asking for recommendations from a stranger can be a double-edged sword. Be on your guard and don’t take any recommendations straight without a grain of salt. Always evaluate the options yourself before following any recommendations. 


Want to explore more of the Philippines on a limited amount of money? That is totally possible! Sit back and relax, while we share 7 little known ways to maximize your travel budget for the Philippines.

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