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8 Counter-top and Cabinetry Combinations That Will Transform Your Kitchen From Drab to Delicious

Home improvement projects are equally exciting and overwhelming. However, a kitchen renovation is often highly challenging since it involves the part of the house that witnesses the most hustle and bustle. Kitchen spaces are also highly prone to wear and tear, so maintaining the area is one of the top priorities while making crucial aesthetical decisions. Moreover, you want your kitchen to reflect your style along with being inviting and comfortable. 

Designing a stunning kitchen requires a selection of materials and colors that combine to create a cohesive look. Since countertops and cabinets are the main features of every kitchen, choosing the hues that complement each other and give off a consistent vibe is imperative. 

To help you come to a decision, we have compiled a list of possible countertop and cabinetry combinations for a well-planned, timeless kitchen:

1. A classic white countertop with white cabinets

White on white is a classy combination that immediately brightens up the kitchen and gives an illusion of more open space. Thus, white is an excellent choice for small kitchens. You can opt for the unadulterated white laminate countertop or a white marble one with subtle grey tones running through it. 

Add matte black hardware for a striking contrast or dull-gold fittings for an elevated appeal. A white kitchen also provides a perfect canvas to add decorative details. Place lush, dark green plants in white planters and wooden boards in assorted sizes for a timeless look. 

However, this combination requires a lot of cleaning and maintaining, especially if you do a lot of cooking or have small children. Therefore, if you decide on a completely white kitchen, choose easy to wipe clean materials. 

2. Demure sage green cabinets with warm white countertop 

Sage green is a muted shade that has taken up a permanent spot on the list of trendy kitchen cabinet colors. The grey undertones lend a neutral feel to the kitchen, so you have tons of opportunities to add complementary detailing to your space. You can also let the cabinets take center stage by adding a molding trim before you paint the cabinets, followed by angular gold fittings for a sophisticated design. 

To endorse the calming effect of the soft hue and create a homogenous vibe, pair the sage green cabinets with warm white countertops. Offset the cabinets and countertop with a dark wood finish on the floor to introduce a variety of colors that work seamlessly together. 

3. Dove grey cabinets with monochromatic swirled marble countertop 

Dove grey is a beautiful warm tone that is all the rage this season and trending amongst home designing enthusiasts. Since it is towards the darker end of the spectrum, it exudes a specific personality that works very well for modern kitchens with sleek metallic appliances and fixtures. 

Pair your dove grey cabinetry with marble countertops featuring deep monochromatic swirls. Marble is often preferred for countertops as it is robust enough to withstand the pressures of a bustling kitchen while still looking luxurious. Moreover, the swirl pattern is a welcome change from the typical designs and can focus on your kitchen. 

4. Matte black cabinets with white granite countertop

One of the easiest and the best kitchen cabinet refinishing ideas is to paint your woodwork matte black. The resulting cabinetry looks bold, luxe, and ultra-modern. It also creates the perfect backdrop for your metallic handles and hinges to shine through, so choose your accessories accordingly.  

Moreover, black is a very forgiving color that does not require strenuous maintenance to appear spotless, and it is less prone to discoloration over time. However, you would need strategically placed lights to illuminate the space sufficiently.

Another way to counterbalance the dark cabinets is to go for a sweeping white granite countertop and pristine white backsplash. Consequently, the colors offer more depth and variety to your home and are a welcome change from the usual kitchen interiors.  

5. Sleek black countertop with tan wooden cabinets

If you are inspired by countryside cottages, lean towards rustic kitchen interiors, and get lots of natural light in your cooking space, the obvious choice is to install tan wooden cabinets. However, if you are afraid that the room might look too traditional and outdated, you can always add subtle modern touches.

For example, go for a recessed or flat-panel door style that looks more contemporary. Complement the sleeker, cleaner door design with matte black or metallic silver handles. Finally, combine the light cabinets with a glossy black countertop for a striking juxtaposition of colors, textures, and materials.   

6. Traditional dark wood cabinets with shiny tan countertop

The most cohesive kitchen interiors are often achieved by choosing a primary color and employing different shades for various surfaces. One such example is the combination of dark wood cabinets and tan countertops. 

While brown speckled granite is outdated and boring, a tan granite countertop is popular for several reasons. Firstly, it has a classic color and design that never goes out of style. Secondly, it channels the trademark elegance and glamour of natural minerals. Lastly, it is easy to clean and hides grime well. However, granite is often on a moderately expensive end, so decide according to your budget. 

Dark wooden kitchens induce a feeling of luxury and warmth. You can further highlight the extravagant vibes by installing beautiful custom-crafted arched doors with understated, small, round knobs. While the deep, rich tones make an impressive statement, it only works for spacious designs with an open plan layout. Otherwise, the same cabinetry can be overpowering in a closed kitchen and appear overcrowded and dinghy. 

7. Muted light grey cabinets with soapstone countertop

While dove grey is dark and bold, light grey is more soft and subdued, making it a preferred neutral color for many homeowners. In addition, the color is so versatile that it works for different kinds of kitchen settings, whether the cooking space is located in a farmhouse-style cottage or a more contemporary home.  Moreover, you can opt for an opaque grey shade or let the natural wood grains shine through in grey-stained cabinets; either finish will look chic and appealing.   

Any countertop would work flawlessly with light grey cabinets. However, the darkness and light veining of the natural soapstone provides an exquisite appeal that is unmatched in the synthetic variety. Furthermore, soapstone is heat-resistant, relatively low maintenance, resilient against acidic foods, and nonporous, so it does not absorb stains.   

8. Light grey countertop with blue cabinets

Lastly on our list is a modern-day combination of blue and grey that is extraordinarily chic and effortlessly modish.

Opt for a marble countertop that is always in vogue, looks elegant, and reflects light to incorporate brightness in the room. It is also very durable and available in a wide price range, but it is often more expensive than its counterparts. 

Offset the light grey marble with charcoal blue shaker cabinets with shiny silver fittings. The dark navy shade has prominent grey undertones that make it incredibly urbane and ideal for trendy kitchens. However, the combo works best in open spaces that receive lots of light.  


Any of the combos mentioned above will lend a novel appeal and transform your kitchen drastically. Nonetheless, when choosing countertop and cabinetry combinations, consider the available space, the feel you want to impart, and maintainability before coming to a decision.       

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