A Complete Guide to Different Types of Sarees for Different Occasions


“People need different types of sarees for different occasions. It is important to have different sarees for weddings, festivals and funerals”.

Buying a saree on your own is not an easy task. Forced to make a buying decision on your own, it is only natural that one would feel overwhelmed. However, with the help of a few comprehensive guidelines that outline what saree would seem occasion-appropriate, it is easy to navigate through the colourful maze of online saree shopping. Before you buy affordable Indian saree online in USA, it is customary to consider the advice of your friends, your significant other and your older female relatives.

Here are a few things that you may bear in mind before you choose a saree for a particular occasion.

  • One of the most common occasions where you might have to fall back on the staple Indian saree is at a big fat Indian wedding. Indian weddings give you the perfect occasion to look for designer sarees online, so that you can match up to the glamour of the party. As most brides choose to wear shades of red, orange, green or pink on their wedding days, avoid the bridal colors so as to look gorgeous without stealing the thunder from the bride.
  • Another occasion where you might have to look for designer sarees online is for Diwali parties, or other festive meet-ups. For such occasions, it is important not to look over-the-top or gaudy, without being drab and boring. For such casual parties and festive get-togethers, you can choose a saree in bright colors as well as a light-colored saree, according to your personal sense of style. Pair up a heavily embellished saree with lighter jewelry, and vice versa to avoid looking out of place. For day-long events, choose organza or chiffon sarees that would not wrinkle easily, while for evening parties that may have lots of candles or oil lamps, choose a non-flammable fabric like cotton to avoid accidents.
  • One might need a saree handy for certain solemn occasions as well, such as the funeral of a close relative. For such events, a minimalistic approach is necessary, for which one can wear a light coloured saree with a plain narrow border. Try to avoid loud floral prints or embellishments for such solemn events, and stick with simple geometric patterns. If you are unsure about your choice, choose a plain off-white or grey saree with a decorative border for serious occasions.

When you buy online saree just keep the occasion in mind while browsing through the catalogues of the different websites. It is always prudent to buy at least one saree for different occasions so that your wardrobe is well-stocked for all situations.

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