The Ultimate Guide Of Application and Advantage Of Lithium-Ion Battery


Gone are the days, when we use the nickel-cadmium battery for wireless gadgets and mobile computing. In the early 1990s, the rise of nickel-metal hybrid and lithium-ion batteries has changed the graph of the energy industry. Now Lithium-Ion Battery is the most popular and growing option in many sectors like e-transport, telecommunication, energy storage, and data center.

There is rarely a sector that is out of the reach of this energy option. From your Smartphone to the smart electronic vehicle, it is the only source of power. From this raging popularity, many people are having one common query – what makes this battery so versatile? To understand the efficiency, we have to know the structural composition of the battery first.

What is a lithium-ion battery?

Do you know the tiny battery inside your smartwatch has the same structural composite as the huge battery of the electronic car? It is surprising but true that the four components i.e anode, cathode, electrolyte, and separator are the same. In this battery, the cathode is made of lithium that starts a chemical reaction when contacted with electrolyte. The active material that covers the body of the cathode is li-ion that determines the voltage and capacity of the battery.

Lithium Ion Battery

What are the applications of Li-ion batteries?

As we have mentioned earlier, there is a huge range of usages of the lithium-ion battery and for that, it is available in different shapes and sizes. It is the perfect option for almost all types of power required irrespective of the size of the gadget. From an energy storage solution to portable energy resolution, this power source is the ideal choice for a large spectrum.

Here we will discuss some common usages of the Lithium-Ion battery:

  • UPS or Emergency Power backup: The emergency power backup or UPS is the solution to an unstable electricity problem. It supplies instant power to critical appliances like a computer, medical equipment, and communication technology.
  • Light electronic vehicle: Modern day, electronic cars are powered by li-ion batteries to have a worry-free long journey that too in an eco-friendly way.
  • Electronic gadgets like laptops and mobile: To make your life easier, the lithium-ion battery supports the power system of a laptop, Smartphone, and many other gadgets.
  • Solar power storage: The use of solar power is increasing day by day. To give them back up on cloudy days, this battery is the ideal choice.

What are the advantages of a Lithium-ion battery?

  • High Energy Density: It is considered the biggest advantage of this type of battery. The charges last longer and providing higher energy output that makes it the ideal choice for modern-day requirements.
  • Low Self Discharge: When they are not in use, the lithium-ion battery has an extremely low rate of discharge.
  • Low Maintenance: This battery is quite easy to maintain as the owner does not have to do much for it.
    Options: As this battery is available in various sizes and shapes, people can have huge options to select.
  • Options: As this battery is available in various sizes and shapes, people can have huge options to select.

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