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Amazing Things To Do In Ibiza

There are so many activities and things to do in Ibiza in 2022! You can explore jet-set parties, and White Island attracts millions of tourists. Both culturally as well as recreationally, Ibiza is an essential international icon.

Below are a few tips and beautiful things that make Ibiza a very special destination and popular too.

Admire the sunset at Café del Mar

If you are looking for a quality spot to admire the sunset, book a table at Café del Mar quickly! The property’s terrace faces the bay of Ibiza and is the best place to enjoy the golden hour. To get you in the mood, light background music, and a good cocktail should create a relaxed and restful atmosphere. There are many luxury restaurants and private villas in Ibiza to book that provide the most comfort to you with a beautiful panoramic view. 

Visit the ports of Ibiza

Ibiza has a number of ports, including San Antonio! As mentioned a little above, it is an urbanized space and perfect for relaxing with a drink. Nevertheless, other marinas should charm you: Marina Ibiza Magna, Sovren Ibiza, Marina Ibiza, or even Marina Botafoch. Finally, the Santa Eulalia marina is a strategic and practical point for exploring Ibiza and reaching the most beautiful coves… You have all the cards in hand!

The Fortaleza de San Antonio church

The Church of San Antonio was once a fortress to protect the Ibicencos from Berber pirates. While visiting the place, you will notice that there are no windows on the tower and the walls are very thick. The Church of San Antonio is an interesting building to admire, especially for its pristine white architecture.

Take a tour of the markets of Ibiza

To obtain local and artisanal products and meet the local population, I recommend that you take a trip to the markets of Ibiza. If you like natural and handmade products, go to Las Dalias, a very popular market. For fashion and gastronomy, the hippie market in Punta Arabi is awe-inspiring with nearly 500 stalls! For those with an organic and food orientation, you should check out the Art & Mercat in San Antonio on Friday morning.

Dalt Vila, the fortified city

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the walls of the fortified city of Dalt Vila belong to the old town of Ibiza. It is a place that I recommend you visit at all costs, especially for the beauty of the medieval architecture and the historic buildings. Also, remember to climb to the top to admire the Santa Maria Cathedral and its many typical squares…

The Cave of Can Marçà

Located 25 kilometers from San Antonio, the Cave of Can Marçà is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ibiza. This underground space was once used by smugglers before becoming a protected and well-preserved place. During a guided tour, light, sound, and water shows await you, while following a course in the depths of the cave…

Eat at the Sa Capella restaurant

The most original restaurant on the island of Ibiza is Sa Capella! This one is located outside the city of San Antonio, offering good meals in an old church… Yes, the setting is really special, it is in fact the old hermitage of Santa Agnes! Besides the location of this restaurant, the establishment offers a varied cuisine under the stone walls which are still well preserved…

Discover the vineyards of the island

Sa Voca, Can Rich de Buscastell… Maybe these names mean nothing to you, but these are the best wineries on the White Island! During your holidays in Ibiza, and if you are a wine lover, take part in a guided tour followed by a beautiful tasting… Thus, you will learn more about the techniques of wine production not far from the beautiful town of San Antonio!

Cultural outing to Sa Punta des Moli

Although Ibiza is considered a great party island, it has a sacred historical heritage to discover without delay. For this, go to Sa Punta des Moli, a historical-cultural site located in the bay of San Antonio. On-site, you can admire the Buenavista mill, the former residence of the German philosopher Walter Benjamin.

Hiking in Ibiza

Ibiza and its reliefs are ideal for hiking. If this tempts you, know that there are several routes, especially towards San Antonio. For example, still from San Antonio, take the path towards Cala Salada or the road to Sant Mateu-Torres d’en Lluc. In fact, there really is something for every taste and every landscape. Whether it’s getting lost on the coast or in the middle of the forest, you will enjoy walks in Ibiza!

Visit the Cap Blanc Aquarium

Perfect if you are spending your holidays in Ibiza with your family, the Cap Blanc Aquarium is a magnificent natural cave that has housed a lobster farm. The place has since been transformed into a museum, and the Aquarium exhibits the main species of aquatic fauna such as sea sponges, fish, and other magnificent beauties of the Mediterranean. To get there, it’s 5 minutes from San Antonio!

The Portes de Can Soleil

Here is another interesting spot in Ibiza: the Portes de Can Soleil! As a result, few tourists know this place and it’s not bad. This is an original monument located between the coves of Codolar and Llantia. The doors feature Arabic engravings and patterns, including the Hand of Fatima, a symbol protecting anyone from the evil eye. The Portes de Can Soleil is a really special place and the perfect place to capture wonderful photos!

Es Vedrà and the Pirate Tower in Cala d’Hort

Very well known to the general public, the Îlot D’Es Vedrà and the Pirate Tower are two essential elements of the White Island. This huge rock is the signature of the island, located just in front of Cala d’Hort. More than a simple icon, the rock is part of a nature reserve with high ecological value. To get the best view, head to the Pirate Tower, the Torre del Pirata. It takes a little physical effort to reach this spot, but trust me, the view is truly breathtaking!

The Church of Santa Eulalia

Located on Mount Puig de Missa, the Church of Santa Eulalia is also an ancient fortress built to counter Berber attacks. This occupies the upper part of the village and not far from there is the Barrau ethnographic museum. To go further, you can also visit the cemetery installed near the houses and alleys.

Ses Salines Natural Park

Renowned for its salt dunes, the Ses Salines Natural Park is an area that stretches from the south of Ibiza to the north of Formentera. Moreover, the park is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it a must-see place to visit during your vacation! But that’s not all, you will discover a sacred festival of colors in the pools: turquoise, pink, emerald green. A phenomenon linked to the different stages of salt evaporation. A must-see!

There you have it, you know all about the activities to do in Ibiza, I’m sure you will love your vacation on this beautiful island!

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