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Best Ideas For Decorate Small Bathroom

What room do you use every day, despite its small size? That’s right, the bathroom. Here we wash, wash and even wash. That is why the design of the bathroom usually differs only in its complete practicality, and certainly not in originality and individuality. And the reason for this is the very small area allotted by designers and builders for water procedures. Therefore, most apartment owners do not even think about whether it is possible to “add” space, comfort, and harmony to a small bathroom. But turning this room into a true design masterpiece is quite simple.

The Walls

Everyone knows that light tones visually “expand” the space (including those that have nothing to do with interior design). But if you use pure white tiles in a small bathroom, you won’t be satisfied with the result (unless you’re a fan of hospital procedure rooms).

Therefore, designers recommend not only highlighting the space but separating it with colored horizontal, vertical, or oblique stripes. In this case, tiles of darker shades can be laid in one of the following ways:

  • only along the bottom of the bathroom, separating it from the lighter shades by narrow tiles, the second row of which should be laid one or two tiles below the ceiling level
  • along the bottom and top of the walls (this design option is more suitable for small bathrooms with high ceilings)
  • on one of the four walls (or in one of the corners, for example, where the shower cabin is installed), “holding” it with vertical stripes on the other three
  • in the form of vertical or inclined stripes that match the color of the bathroom floor
  • combining vertical stripes of a darker color on one wall (for example, near the bathtub) with horizontal stripes of the same color on the other (near the mirror).

Well, the curtains used in the bathroom for ceramic tiles, with which the walls are faced, are practically not limited by designers:

  • Blue color (from blue to purple). This is a shadow of the sky and the sea, associated with calm and tranquility and tranquility, so it is more suitable for rooms with bathrooms than for showers
  • Green color. All its shades are associated in our subconscious with beauty and youth, which is why they are very often used in the design of small bathrooms, in which it is required to give a small room overloaded with plumbing a more cheerful design. Also, green has two unique faces: next to blue it looks “cool” and together with yellow it looks “warm.”
  • Orange is synonymous with warmth and comfort. The most popular is the color of sand, but in small bathrooms, it is better to use brighter and purer shades, “diluting” it with a white ceiling and the same color with stripes on the walls.
  • Red gives the bathroom different emotions, depending on its tone: delicate pink will add femininity to the bathroom, and dark burgundy colors – masculinity and strength.

The Ceiling

The most popular ceiling color is white (it can be matte or glossy). However, designers often use shades of those ceiling colors that were used when choosing ceramic tile for wall cladding. In this case, the ceiling shade should be very light, airy, and delicate, otherwise, there may be a feeling of “pressure”.

The Floor

It is recommended to choose the color of the floor in accordance with the darkest shade of the wall. Since in a small bathroom the open floor area is usually negligible, using multi-colored tiles or laying them in a checkerboard pattern is not the best option (this will only add an extra workload to the room).

The color of the grout between the tiles can be the same color as the filler in the wall joints or match the color of the tile itself. Here it is worth focusing not so much on the aesthetic perception of the result but on practicality. In addition, it is customary to lay rugs in the bathroom, which almost completely cover the free area of ​​the floor.

To save space, the washing machine (front loading) can be partially pushed under the sink, raising it slightly from its usual height. If you use the built-in version of the machine with a shallow depth, it can usually be installed under the sink, hiding it on the bedside table.

If a lot of bubbles and bottles always “live” in your bathroom, you should take care to buy spacious cabinets (under the sink, near the mirror, above the washing machine, and also installed independently in the corner of the room).

And do not forget to use the space directly under the bathroom, turning it into a piece of original home furniture, for example, for household chemicals.

You should start renovating your bathroom by shopping for plumbing fixtures. More precisely, with the choice of its main color. The simplest option is white. It allows you to “play” with many shades, enhancing and completing them on the walls and ceiling, without limiting the color range.

Multi-colored plumbing is another matter. It is recommended to buy it only after creating a complete design project for a small bathroom. Otherwise, you yourself “set the frame” in choosing shades of material for walls and ceilings.

A heated towel rail and washing machine should be purchased in advance, choosing the most compact. If there is a window in the bathroom, the heated towel rail can be replaced with a conventional battery.

  • And don’t forget to take a closer look at options like:
  • installation of a shower cabin with a corner tray, and not a long and bulky bathtub
  • purchase of a corner washbasin
  • change the location of the bathroom (not along, but on the other side of the bathroom), which will involve the acquisition of a small bathroom, but at the same time will add free space in the room
  • Replacement of an ordinary mirror (you just can not do without it in the bathroom), with a hinged mirror cabinet

For children’s waterfowl toys, it is best to buy a special mesh bag that hangs from a hook over the bathtub.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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