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Best Men’s Linen Shirts for a Cool Summer Look

It’s the month of May and while we’re all in lockdown, the temperature outside seems to be flaring up! So much that the weather seems to be bothering us even when we stay inside our homes all the time. There’s a constant struggle to keep the temperature of the air conditioner at a constant, to try ‘n’ number of ways to stay hydrated and cool. From drinking chilled water most of the time to applying cooling talcum powders and deodorants, we’ve majorly tried all the tricks in the book. 

But seems like there’s one left – the classic linen clothing. Yes! Light and breezy, linen is the most-loved fabric of the season, and it’s about time we embrace it. Linen shirts make for the best summer outfits. You can pair them with linen trousers, cargo shorts, or loose pajamas. What’s more, they easily make up for an effortless work-from-home look too!

To help you get the best men’s linen shirts for yourself, we’ve raked through the internet and put together a go-to list for you – shirts that can go with every style and occasion.

Loro Piana Paul Linen Shirt

Loro Piana is an Italian brand that was founded in the year 1924. The brand is known for its unique crafting and breezy cuts. Simple and sophisticated, the designer uses his best designs for the shirts. The fabric used is very light in weight and the make of the shirt is such that it gives a sharp, aesthetically pleasing look. It is available in multiple colors and you can pair it with shorts for comfortable wear.

Onia Jack Riviera Linen Sport Shirt

Miss going to the beach? So what? There’s no harm in indulging in a makeshift vacation at home. And to complete the look, you have this super-cool beach print linen half-sleeves shirt. For an even more casual look, you can choose to keep the front button open and pair it with a white sando on the inside. You can explore a couple of more linen shirts for men on

Uniqlo 100% Premium Linen Regular Fit Shirt

If ‘simple’ is your way to go about clothing, then men’s linen shirts by the Japanese retailer Uniqlo are a must-have in your wardrobe. Available in seven different colors, this one makes for an irreplaceable buy. Why? Simply because it works for every occasion and can be easily paired with anything. So whether it’s a cocktail party, client meeting, or date, this linen shirt can make you slay it in every look. The soft fabric and flattering cuts of this shirt make it a valuable option for the summer season.

Linen Club Men’s Shirt Collection

If you’re looking to give your look some character, then the men’s shirts at the Linen Club are something you must really go after. Plain, striped, checkered, tunic-style, color-blocks – they simply have it all. Linen Club offers a fine blend of classic styles with superior craftsmanship, and each of their shirts is tailored to offer the utmost comfort.

You can also look at exploring linen trousers, jackets, kurtas, and more!

Cubavera Linen Long Sleeve Guayabera Shirt

One of the classics in men’s linen shirts, Cubavera offers the most original Cuban guayaberas that have been worn since the 18th century. Known widely for the two vertically sewn pleats running along the front and back, the shirt brings out a timeless appeal that gives an aesthetic look. The four pockets at the front add to the charm. The shirt is available in a number of colors and is truly comfortable.

Polo Ralph Lauren Better Linen Striped Shirt

For an ultimate relaxed look, this lightly-striped linen shirt from Polo Ralph Lauren makes for a great choice. It’s super light in weight and is extremely breathable – a must-have for the warm weather. It has spread collar, and when worn with formal trousers, gives a very polished look. This linen shirt is just what you need for your leisurely stay-at-home zoom call meetings!

Ridley Linen While Relaxed Fit Overhead Resort Shirt

What better way to slay it this summer than chill around in this premium linen resort wear! This Ridley Linen is a must-have holiday essential due to the cozy and pleasant feel that the fabric offers. The shirt has got an airy fit, is cool, and dries out quickly. Plus, we all know that whites never go out of fashion, so this shirt is meant to stay in your wardrobe forever. Moreover, it’s made with 100% linen from Italy and is easy to style with pants, shorts, or cargo. 

Saks Fith Avenue Tweed Linen Shirt

A go-to option for the current weather will be this neat polo linen shirt. A unique specialty about this shirt is its fabric, which is immensely soft and has a tweed finish. The short sleeves are perfect for the hot climate. It’s easy to wash and is hassle-free enough to air-dry, thus standing to be pretty durable. For those who love wearing polo t-shirts, this shirt can be like a cool linen counterpart that offers much more ease and relaxation.

So take your pick from any of these linen loves and stock up your wardrobe for the summer season ahead! Pair them as you like and create your own style statement while safely staying put indoors!

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