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Best Methods to Ensure Termite Control 

Is termite eating away your gorgeous, beautiful wooden furniture? Termites live in groups and are hard to contain, even for pest control companies. That small amount of wood dust you see near your furniture is a termite colony. They can wreak havoc in your home if left uncontrolled. 

Also, they are hard to detect. It is because termites are extremely small. Therefore, once you think you have a termite infestation in your home, take action immediately. Here are some tried and tested ways for ascertaining termite control.

Reduce Moisture

Moisture attracts termites. In addition to termites, moisture also attracts a variety of other pests. Therefore, to reduce pests, you must control excess humidity. You can buy a dehumidifier. Another way to reduce moisture is to fix leaks. 

Any leaking part may trap moisture thus attracting termites. These places then host termites which form colonies. Hence, you must fix leaks. After fixing them, you must seal them for the best results. However, do not forget to maintain ventilation.

Also, make sure you inspect the basement and other areas of your home that are not inhabited. These areas are one of the great spots for termites to grow. 

Borate For Termite Control

Borate is an oxyacid of boron. It is not very toxic to human beings, even when ingested. You must spray borate on naked wood before painting it.  It works as a repellent to termites. It will stop termites from eating your wood. Once the borax has dried, you continue to paint your wood as needed. Moreover, borax is strong enough to repel termites for decades. 

Hire professionals to remove the terror of termites. They know to use proper methods for termite control. 


Another inexpensive way of termite control is Sunlight! As mentioned earlier, termites like moisture. Guess what else they like? Darkness – they thrive in darkness. So do the opposite. Expose all your furniture to Sunlight. Do this for two to three days and the termites would be gone. They will not be able to withstand the high temperature and the light. 

Remove Clutter

Cluttered homes with lots of furniture can give easy access to termites. They will also have a tremendous amount of material to feed on. You must pay extra attention to old wooden articles, magazines, and newspapers. These areas are not cleaned often. Hence, termites live and form colonies on these.

In addition, if termites have infested only one of the rooms of your house, do not take any item from that room, it is better to remove it from the space. 

Consult Pest Control Experts

If none of the home remedies work, it is time to call experts at termite control. It may be more expensive than “do it yourself” methods. However, it is better than living with termites. Leaving termites alone without doing anything about it will only make the situation worse. This is so even economically. All that damaged furniture is only going to lead to additional costs. Therefore, it is best to call pest control. 

They will send experienced professionals who have the equipment you do not have at home. Their pieces of equipment can heat your rooms to high temperatures. It is dangerous for untrained people to use these chemicals.


Termite Control is not an easy task. Thus, prevention and early detection are essential. You must regularly clean your home and throw away old things. You must also pay extra attention to the things that you store in the basement. This will prevent the infestation of termites, which is better than cure.

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