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Bright Future of Solar Energy – 10 Irresistible Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Power

In the world with the growing concern for global warming and greenhouse emission, a 100% natural and Eco-friendly energy generation system like solar power has no alternative, which possesses no threats to our environment, economy or our public health. But how cost-effective solar energy system will actually be? Will it be the right investment for long-term usability?

Here are 10 reasons why converting to solar power- a vast, inexhaustible resource instead of fossil fuels is a very futuristic decision for you to make.

1. Drastic reduction of electric/utility bills 

Whether it’s for residential or for commercial purposes, electricity costs and the overall utility bills take away a big chunk of your monthly expenses. With conventional energy system, determining the probable budget for these utility bills becomes quite tricky as well. 

Solar power, on the other hand, helps you generate free power directly produced from the sunlight orientation an offset your monthly electric bill to one third. This solar energy can be the saviour even on cloudy days so it can offer you year-round energy efficiency and savings.

2. Positive effect on home energy ratings 

All the Australian households have direct impacts on about one-fifth of Australia’s environmental contamination and greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy. Moreover, the average household is responsible for up to 7 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year, which is mostly generated because of the traditional fossil fuel energy for electricity.

By switching to 100% Eco-friendly and renewable solar energy system, you don’t only contribute to lowering carbon and greenhouse gas emissions but also archive the required 6-star energy rated house and cut off your budget on electricity bills! 

3. Respiratory and cardio health improvement 

Conventional energy sources generate the combustion of fossil fuels. The combustion of fossil fuels eventually results in greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane into the atmosphere, which is not just responsible for increasing air pollution but also respiratory health risks. 

Solar power adoption, on the other hand, significantly reduces air pollution and decreases the number of chronic bronchitis, respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

4. Flexible Installation process 

Another advantage of solar power is its easy and feasible installation process. Solar panels can be installed almost anywhere, onto any surface with efficient use of both vertical and horizontal space for both large and small-scale solar projects. The flexibility and modularity of the installation system also facilitate the possibility of installing cost-efficient electricity in remote areas instead of installing expensive electrical distribution lines. Another aspect of solar power is that the solar panel installation can also be expended at any given time, depending on the requirements and demands. 

5. Highly durable and easy to maintain 

Another benefit of using the solar system is its long term durability and easy maintenance, compare to a fossil or any kind of energy. Most solar panels are examined and designed for external use, specifically to endure-withstand any sort of severe weather conditions, temperature, fluctuations and other environmental extremities. After the solar panel installation, the only maintenance it requires is the regular dust-debris particle cleanups to keep the panel’s sun reactivity power in check. 

Just with minimal maintenance time and cost, solar panels can last about 25-30 years without any major overhauls of the system, since they are not physically affected by external forces. And since solar panels have no moving parts, they are less likely to break and malfunction.

6. Low maintenance costs 

As mentioned earlier, a properly installed solar system generally requires a little to no maintenance at all. Most of the authentic solar panel manufacturer companies offer 20-25 years warranty. Since there are no moving parts, only a few ongoing maintenance costs are associated with the system as a whole. Some of the instances of these costs could be the inverter or the cable system which might need to be replaced by a new one after every 5-10 years to assure your solar system’s maximum efficiency. 

7. Renewable energy source 

The most important aspect out of all the benefits of solar panels is its 100% clean, renewable energy source value. Solar power not just reduces over-reliance of harmful fossil fuels for electricity production like coal, oil or natural gas. Non-renewable fossil fuels like these produce contaminating emissions that directly impact the air, water and soil quality, ozone layer and cause greenhouse effects.

Solar power, on the other hand, offers an unlimited source of energy that can be harnessed in all areas under any weather condition across the world with 24/7 availability and renewability. 

8. Suitable for different climates and topographies 

A common misconception about the solar system is that it doesn’t work in colder temperatures. But the truth is, modern solar panels work more efficiently even in the most frigid weather and turn sunlight into electricity. The reason why solar panels work better in lower temperature is that solar panels generate energy from the sunlight and not the heat. Excessive heat from the sunlight rather reduces the output voltage.

 So in brief, once you opt in to the solar system, you won’t have to worry about the weather conditions and topographical areas as long as there’s daylight.

9. A Proven Eco-friendly technology 

Solar power technology is in a constant state of innovation and upgrade in 2020 and beyond with a viable growth investment rate. In the past few years, solar power technology has seen in its expansion in long-term solar energy efficiency, energy storage, design and accessibility for both small and large-scale projects. At the same time, the long-term cost projections also show that opting into this stable and proven technology with help people making it a mature long-term investment in more energy-efficient projects. 

10. Long term investment

Fossil fuels and other typical energy systems are slowly coming to a half because of the excessive carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions. Because of the long term benefits, the solar energy system has taken over the industry over the course of years. 

From the expansion of solar power, it can easily estimate that the solar power installation companies will also be on the increase with more and more investors, niche markets, job opportunities, and so on. So it’s safe to say that solar system industry is here to stay and emerge with more and more advanced technology. So investing in solar power for a long run is undeniably a secure bet.

Our future is largely depending on how we make the most out of natural, renewable sources of energy like solar power and put an end to contaminating other energy sources like fossil fuel energy. New, more advanced technology in solar power energy will continue to evolve and guide us through the best possible way to utilize natural resources and make positive impacts both environmentally and financially.

AuthorStarc Maxwell freelance writer, social media marketer and independent blogger who writes about sustainability, technology, finance, and home improvement. Aspires to become a professional writer and make a difference in society and the world we live in.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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