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Carpet Cleaning Guide: What To Expect Before, During And After The Cleaning Service?

Even if you are daily vacuuming your carpets, you won’t be able to keep them shiny and clean unless you choose to hire a professional carpet cleaning service for its deep cleaning. It becomes crucial sometimes to use water if you want your carpet to get truly clean. It simply acts like a magic service that helps you remove even the oldest stains which you were not able to succeed even after attempting several cleaning products. 

As far as the frequency of hiring these carpet cleaning services is concerned, it depends upon how roughly you use your carpet. The need of hiring a deep cleaning carpet service varies from person to person. If you are one of the cautious homeowners, you would surely use your carpet carefully and there will be not much need of hiring a carpet cleaner quite often. However, if there are kids and pets in your home, it would be wise to go for deep cleaning at least once a month. Here is what you should expect before, during, and after the service, when you hire a carpet cleaning company. 

What To Expect Before The Service

Whenever you are about to hire a professional carpet cleaning company, given below are some of the things that you can expect from your carpet cleaner before the service. 

An Honest Price Estimate

This is the first thing that you should expect from the company who is going to clean your carpet. When the cleaner that you have hired shows up, he should not start hosing the place down. Before that, he must a quick analysis of the condition of your carpet and give you a price estimate. 

Dry Vacuuming

The carpet cleaner is supposed to start the cleaning process from scratch. If he is going to provide a detailed service that also includes thorough vacuuming, you can trust him.  

Ensures Carpet Stain Removal

You are hiring a professional just to have your carpet in a brand new condition again. If he does not remove the stains from it, there is no purpose of hiring him. So, make sure that when you hire a carpet cleaner, he removes every single stain from the carpet and there is no damage to the fibers of the carpet during that stain removal. 

24 Hour Service

You can leave someone unknown alone in your home and you are off to work. So, when hiring a cleaner, make sure that he provides a 24-hour cleaning service. It prevents you from all kinds of mishaps and is also helpful in emergencies. 

What To Expect During The Service

Given below are some of the things that you should expect during the service. 

Use Of Eco-Friendly Products

Your carpet cleaning company is supposed to take care of the surroundings whether it is steam cleaning or using other methods to deep clean your carpet. The use of eco-friendly cleaning products is essential if you want to keep the air around you perfectly clean and free of all the toxic substances. So, when a cleaner is working on your carpet, just ensure that he is using eco-friendly cleaning products. 

Removal Of Wrinkles

If you are standing nearby, you should also ask your cleaner to remove wrinkles from your valued carpet. Once they are done with removing furniture marks and stains, they can clean the carpet thoroughly. 

Odor And Stain Free Carpet

You have hired someone to give you an odor-free and stain-free carpet, if the results are not achieved, there is no purpose of hiring him. So, just ask for the proper service, if he is unable to remove that odorous smell. 

What To Expect After The Service

You can expect these after these things once a carpet cleaner is done with the cleaning service:

No Hidden Charges

Once the cleaner is done with the service, he must only ask for the money which was settled before. There should not be any kind of hidden charges for giving services like removing the furniture or arriving at your doorstep for the service.

Guaranteed Work

Some stains are so stubborn that they usually return after three to four days of cleaning. If you have already received a guaranteed service, you can ask them to come back and resolve the issue. In some instances, it is even possible to even ask for a refund. 

Prepare Your Home Now!

If you are tired of your dirty carpet and planning to hire a cleaning service, you do not need to be there. Just take a free price estimate on the phone and once you are agreed to a price, start preparing your home for carpet cleaning. It would be best to pick your parking spot for cleaning and remove all the fragile items that come in its way.

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