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Do Digital Tools Make Us More Or Less Productive At Work

Communication become feasible

Digital tools play a significant role in communication whether it belong to any type of field. In organization communication play vital role to communicate if someone want to grow business internationally where ever around the world. There are different devices in which people can use WiFi communication to through plethora of apps which involve video calls, audio calls, chat, without any hindrance and ease of communication become widespread all over the world. Communication is also helpful to enhance the domain of business by providing strong platform to advertise their product by joint venture.

Strong platform of network 

Network capabilities increase that create opportunity for the companies to contact with their customer and approach to client if they want any changes. In addition digital banking now become very essential platform to transfer money anywhere around the world with in a second that bring revolutionary for the entrepreneur. Before the emergence of these that was very hinder for the business people to deal worldwide and many businessman suffer due to lack of connectivity with clients and other partners so that it influence on potential customer 

Utilizing of Different Apps 

Apps are the very pivotal for all aspects of field specially social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram, reddit. These most popular social apps become so common that’s why many of company target their client by using these social network by advertising their product. Furthermore utility bills, business app, online shopping apps, online food delivery, these all type of facilities makes the life of customer effortless

Securing of personal sensitive data 

Securing data is always a big problems specially for educational institutions, companies, and financial institutions. Different organization have very sensitive information and storage of different data is the huge difficulty for every company. So that they used hard drive, USB to store data to protect data from viruses, hacking. In this way digital tools give a very tools to store data and due to this you can download your data at any where around the world like dropbox, google drive, amazon drive 

Digital Marketing 

Agency is a team of people serving with marketing solutions. Team members are experts having knowledge to market brands. Its serving individuals of any age and region. Brand awareness is another feature of Internet marketing. So that any product can be advertise through campaign to targeted traffic and to aware their interested customer about their product. This agency is much valuable and prominent source for the entrepreneur in which they can spend less money and reach customer so quickly rather than using electronic media which become so costly for the marketing 

Supportive Formative for educational purpose 

Many digital tools like VR headseats are very useful for the travelers and on the other side different apps  are optional for the teachers and student to use app for different educational purposes either using projector in class room or taking online classes while sitting any where around the world. These type of platforms give rise a huge success for the teacher and students to deal and get and share any information they want so that the quality of assessment is increasing due to digitalize format .


E-commerce or Electronic commerce refers to making transactions via internet. It allows the user to buy or sell goods and services using internet. 21st century was an amazing start for the technology. It has enabled a local manufacturer to sell its products and services globally. E-business is a form of e commerce. Now business is established online. There may be firms having no physical existence but are successfully serving online. No one can deny the miracles of internet.

Electronic Commerce is a process of buying and selling online as well as sharing data valuables etc. For a remote market there is a specified time in which we are allowed to shop. But online its 24/7 service available for everyone from every corner of the world.

There are countless benefits of electronic commerce. Everyone enjoys the blessings of ecommerce by sitting in any region of the world. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Quick (ROI) Return on Investment
  • Delivery of products worldwide
  • Minimum Operational Cost
  • Economical transaction
  • Wide variety of goods
  • High quality products
  • Rapid sale and purchase
  • User friendly environment
  • Unlimited brands 
  • Full time Customer support
  • Reduces distance
  • User friendly 
  • Time saving
  • 24/7 Service

The basic forms of E-commerce are mentioned below:

  1. B2B (Business to Business)
  2. B2C (Business to Consumer)
  3. C2C (Consumer to Consumer)

1. Business-to-Business:

Business to business model is a type of ecommerce. There are two parties. Both are businesses. Under this type, a business offers its products or services to the other business. The products so provided are used by other business to produce some other products or goods. Some common examples of B2B are Amazon, Alibaba etc.

2. Business-to-Consumer:

Business to consumer model is another type of ecommerce. There are two parties one is Business and the other one is the consumer or end-user. Business sells its products or services to the consumer or the end-user. The products provided are not then used for any business purpose but for the consumption. Some of the common examples of B2C are Daraz, IBM etc.

3. Consumer-to-Consumer:

Consumer to consumer model is a type of ecommerce where the both parties are the consumers. There is no involvement of any business. Both the consumer parties interact to execute transaction. eBay, Olx and uber are some of the popular examples of c2c model.

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