Don’t Call Yourself A WWE Smackdown Fan Until You Know These Facts

People all over the world have gone mad for the WWE Smackdown Live Tickets as they want to experience this grandeur in real-time. The fights, the atmosphere, the live actions of the wrestlers are something the fans long for. The history of Smackdown was started in 2010 as the entertainment program of World Wrestling Entertainment. In the Friday night every week the biggest show of 7 days is arranged and all the biggies of the WWE world are scheduled to perform on the show. The people go crazy over these excellent fights where they can enjoy every moment.

There are many people who have not much idea about it but buy WWE Smackdown Live Tickets. Surprisingly, there are a few more who claim themselves die heart fans of this format of WWE but don’t aware of some important facts. It is very unfortunate to do your job without much homework.

  • The brand WWE Smackdown was started in 1999 but the first fight was broadcasted on television as 2001 Smackdown.
  • The official debut of this program happened in Kansas City, Missouri. It was first public performance under the same title for which people bought WWE Smackdown Live Tickets.
  • The first show was broadcasted on Thursday, not Friday.
  • The first Smackdown featured the TitanTron which is an oval shape.
  • The Rock proudly declared Smackdown as ‘his’ show.
  • In the second anniversary of Smackdown in 2001, it received a new logo and set.
  • Before the second anniversary, the Last Smackdown show, Alliance member Rhyno Gore and WWF member Chris Jericho destroyed the part of the previous show as the part of the fight (or act).
  • In 2002, it underwent a process which is called the ‘Brand Extension’.
  • As a part of it, WWE divided into two sections with separate roasters, storylines along with authority figures. The second was named as RAW which is eventually competing with Smackdown.
  • In 2008, WWE started the mania of Friday night which has become a great platform to promote Smackdown.

Hopefully, this information help you to know how WWE Smackdown shapes itself in the present form.

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