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Everything You Need to Know About Roof Gutters

Roof gutters are the metal channel attached to the roof to collect rainwater and down to the ground. These gutters are usually made of Aluminium, Galvanised steel, Vinyl, Wood, or Copper. But did you know not every house has the same kind of roof gutter? There are three kinds of roof gutters used at homes and commercial buildings, 

Fascia Gutters

Fascia Gutters are also called Eaves Gutters and they come in a range of profiles. It’s called so because of the way it’s constructed. The gutters are fixed to the outside of Fascia which is visible from the ground. This type of gutter has less chance of backflow but needs regular maintenance during the heavy rains. A simple solution is to install a gutter protection mesh depending on the type of roof you have. 

Concealed Gutters

This is one of the old ways of having a roof gutter that is hidden and installed behind the fascia. These kinds of roof gutters need special assistance in cleaning as during heavy rains the water pools and collects and doesn’t flow out. This might lead to corrosion and internal damage making the water drop to the side of the roof rather than neatly flowing through the drain pipe. If not maintained well, it could lead to more roof repairs.

Box Gutters

These kinds of gutters are popular among the new trendy homes. This kind of roof gutter gets its name from its shape and being hidden from the ground as it is boxed to the edge of the roof. Many commercial buildings prefer this kind of roof gutter especially, factories, warehouses, Office blocks, etc., This kind of gutter also needs regular maintenance since it’s different from the once on the residential roofs. Like the concealed gutter, Box gutters are also prone to collect the rainwater on the roof even though they are designed to handle the heavy flow of water. 

Why do we need to clean the roof gutters?

Cleaning gutters is important to avoid blockage from the rains and leaves collected on the gutters leading to structural damage. It’s important to clear the pathway of the gutters for easy flow of rainwater and mainly avoiding an expensive clean up by the private cleaning companies. Not attending to the roof gutter is like thinking to rebuild your house. Sounds insane! But it’s true. The damage will have a horrifying effect on the house. After the blockage, the water will seep in through the walls and create a mark that’s not a good sight. It will then affect the wood in the house making its structure weak. 

Another reason to maintain the roof gutters clean is to avoid mold and mildew outbreak in the house. This can cause serious health issues. This can also invite the pollen allergy problem in the house during the springs. 

These clogged, uncleaned roof gutters are home to uninvited guests like birds, possums, and other creatures. They’ll litter and create more damage to the house by entering in the attic. The scratching sound in the middle of the night is very unpleasant. With this comes the smell of the debris. Ultimately it leads to the spreading of more dangerous diseases through the smell. 

Hence to avoid the smell and other diseases that follow it, you must clean your gutters frequently and thoroughly. It removes unnecessary clogging and helps the rainwater to flow smoothly through the gutters. 

Sometimes, gutters get so clogged that you cannot clean them by yourself. The equipment at your home might not be sufficient for cleaning such stubborn debris and other waste. At that time, it’s important to consult professionals for expert cleaning. They have the proper tools and solutions to clean your gutter without damaging the roof.

Another important reason to clean your gutters is that it saves your foundation from getting cracked. If you’re wondering how the water clogged in the gutters it can pool around your home instead of flowing into the drainage. The pooled water is absorbed into the foundation and the moisture could damage it by cracking the walls. To avoid this, gutters must be cleaned regularly. 

Are your pockets deep enough to cover the cleaning expenses?

These are the consequences to face if you avoid roof gutter cleaning, Renovation, reblocking, underpinning, etc.

The damp walls can make the wooden stumps shift creating a passage for the termite to breed and create a ruckus. This headache will make you pay for treating the termites and repairing the gap which is called restumping. Basically, this negligence and improper maintenance of the roof gutter lead to other expensive repairs in certain parts of the house. 

If you think restumping is a bigger problem, then wait for the what underpinning is. Underpinning is the process of realigning the cracks on the brick wall which was caused due to the soil that shifted. Underpinning is even more expensive than restumping or reblocking. It’s a nightmare to go through this process of repairing the house. 

And sometimes, you may not have the budget to cover the expenses caused by the roof gutter repairs. In that case, you have to be clever and avoid the problems beforehand to save your hard-earned money. The simple solution is to clean them regularly and as efficiently as possible. 

Lesson Learnt? 

Roof Gutters are an important yet sensitive part of the house. They need to be well maintained and be prepared weather-wise. Different kinds of gutters need different ways of cleaning and unclogging.  Spikes to avoid birds need to be installed in the gutters to avoid birds and other creatures to lurk on them. If paid no attention to the roof gutters, a heavy price needs to be arranged in order to make things right.

We hope, by this blog, that you have realized the importance of gutter cleaning and everything you need to know about gutters. For more information, you can always dig deeper into the internet. If your gutters are unclean with heavy dust, don’t hesitate to take help from professionals.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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