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Few Essential Factors for a Great Healthy Relationship

Wise love” is predicated on four fundamental prerogatives of the relationship

Mutual desire

If the hunger fails, can the couple remain united, stable, based only on friendship? i feel not. If the desire is lacking at the start of a relationship, this could rarely be built; we cannot even speak of a pair. Friendship alone isn’t enough. If there’s, however, it is compromised if it’s not cultivated. This can be what happens when one in all the partners cannot make sure of their appearance and attitude, ceasing to be desired and becoming undesirable. this can be a persistent situation, especially when the couple evolves within the family.


The couple’s life also depends on the power to preserve, albeit partly, the intimacy caused by falling loving. Experience as a pair requires you to inform the reality, to be sincere, but it also requires consistency, a plan. It also requires keeping silent about the thoughts and emotions that might upset and offend the person we love. Evil words, angry accusations, vulgarities, insults leave wounds which, little by little, dig a chasm. 


Complicity, unlike passion, represents the fruit of an understanding matured over time: a look is enough to know one another, and even an easy smile connotes a bond of mutual trust, esteem, and satisfaction. Being accomplices means always being allies even when one in every of the 2 is wrong.

Complicity is one in all the intimate, reserved aspects of affection. It indicates that two people gaga are on the identical side, forming a standard front against people who hinder them, threaten them, and constitute a danger to their union. This meaning is vital. It’s not enough to mention that those two get along well, that they assist one another, support one another.

In the couple relationship, there’s something more: defense from the surface world. A pair of dotty must survive during a hostile world. Therefore, it must even be a fortress, a shield, repel attacks, persists the offensive. Each knows the strengths and weaknesses of the opposite. It relies on its powers, it makes up for its shortcomings. In social life, it highlights its virtues and hides its flaws. When attacked, he rushes to his rescue by any means. 

It may be said that there’s a pleasure in complicity. It increases with life in common, with mutual knowledge, with the habit of fighting together. It feeds on ethical virtues like sincerity, trust, intimacy. But it badly needs the cold intellectual resources to tackle and solve problems together. She is troubled by passion. She is destroyed by jealousy. Because jealousy is suspicious and leads the 2 lovers to watch one another as two potential enemies. But also from anger, from fear, because they’re too hot, too unstable.


Love are some things chosen, wanted. it’s the merchandise of a pact. If a fidelity pact isn’t explicitly established, the couple doesn’t last.

The commitment of fidelity, like all other couple commitments, must be renewed over time. If the pact is respected for a long time, it produces a profound change within the erotic relationship. Gradually, both hands over on betrayal fantasies don’t expose themselves to temptation and learn to hunt beauty and pleasure within the other’s body. Sexual fidelity must be guaranteed by mutual desire, which renders one immune from other attractions. A bond is exclusive when nothing and nobody can break it. During this sense, the difficulties to be faced unite even quite a peaceful life.

Happy couple: the secret is to be ready to ressit change

Life is a continuous process of change. The changes, whether or not they happen through many small steps, usually manifest themselves in a very discontinuous way. If the changes happened continuously and in tiny steps and that we were tuned in to them, we could adapt to them quickly and forestall crises. But this can be impossible. The tensions, misunderstandings, problems that mature within the couple also follow a similar law.

And that is why psychologists continually advise the two partners to speak and look at the issues before they increase in size and reach a critical threshold. But all the events of life act on us in a very discontinuous way. The couple is inevitably forced to face sudden changes, unexpected problems. Some are the results of ancient desires that we’ve never been able to satisfy, like having children, a stunning home, traveling to distant countries. Others arise in our maturation in our evolution.

The happy couple knows the way to renew themselves through crises.

Once we’ve reached a goal, we set ourselves a better one. We want recognition that we expect we deserve. These things can affect the two members of the couple separately and have different effects on one or the opposite. Therefore, each change is potentially the occasion for a crisis because it forces the members of the couple to redo their programs. One of these occasions, the two subjects can converge, find a standard path, rediscover their love. Or, on the contrary, they will diverge, take courses that distance them. All the discontinuous events of life constitute the couple as many occasions of convergent or divergent change.

Love is, therefore, not something that exists that lasts. That is still. Instead, it’s something that’s continually challenged, shaken, tested. Which can often renew itself, be reborn? Or, on the contrary, it diminishes, degrades, disappears. Love is merely overcoming these crises, a renewal through problems.

An example of a contented couple: “The two people are many various people and that we will never get tired.”

Let’s consider it. in an exceedingly couple, where two people love one another, each doesn’t see one person within the other, but many various people, always new, always unique.

A friend someday told me: “After 15 years, I still take a look at my wife with loving eyes, and does one know why? Because my wife isn’t just a girl to me. It is so many various women.

Fragile and graceful, I embrace her and play with it as if she were a daughter. At the same time, she takes care of me as if she were a mother. She is gorgeous, and that i admire her as if she were a diva. But she is additionally my lover, my geisha. She helps me, stuffed with care. It makes me feel influential and regarded.

At the same time, she guides me: she is my manager. Learn from me; therefore, she is additionally my pupil. She teaches me the way to act. She is my teacher. Then, since I’m also a small amount neurotic, she’s also my psychotherapist. She supports me: she is my accomplice. He blames me: it’s my moral conscience. And eventually, she is my most faithful ally within the struggle of life.

You see, the two people are many various people. And that we have such a lot to try and do, to discuss, most to inform one another, that we’ll never get tired”.

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