Great Ways To Choose Right Shampoo Conditioner Combination For Hair


Which conditioner and shampoo combination good for your hair? A question which every single person has on their mind currently. Too many options confuse you and make the decision far more difficult. Colour treated hair is no different. How do you keep your hair colour intact for a longer period because you spent a bomb on it?!

What Sort of Hair Do You Have?

The first step to decide which combination to use is to know what sort of hair you have. Hair is broadly divided into four parts, which is further sub-divided into more categories. 

1. Straight– Straight hair is further divided into three parts

  • Stick straight hair (fine/thin): this sort of hair is difficult to damage or curt and is mostly shiny and limp
  • Medium straight hair which has a tinge of volume. 
  • Coarse straight hair which is like 1a but coarse and shabby looking at times. 

2. Wavy– Wavy hair is further divided into three parts

  • Fine/thin wavy hair which has a definite “S” pattern. This hair can generally hold hairstyles better
  • Medium wavy hair which is generally frizzy and is a tad bit resistant to styling.
  • Coarse wavy hair is frizzy sometimes unmanageable and very resistant to styling. 

3. Curly– Curly hair is divided into two parts.

  • Loose curls which form an “S” and have thickness, and/or frizziness
  • Tight curls also have a definite “S” pattern, but they range from spirals or corkscrew spirals. 

4. Kinky– This hair has two subcategories

  • Soft kinky hair is fragile and very wiry, tightly coiled and may have curling pattern. 
  • This hair is wirier and has almost no curling pattern. The hair looks like a “Z” with sharp angles.

Now that you have an idea of how to find out your hair type, be advised that you will most likely have a combination of hair types. You also must take into consideration pollution, diet and your scalp type. Oily and dry hair are a reality. And sometimes oily hair along with dry hair is the worse reality you can live in! Couple this with colour treated hair and your dilemma has gone up several more notches. 

Which Combination To Use For Colour Treated Hair?

Now that you have the low down on what sort of hair you have, and if you have coloured your hair, this guide will help you decide which combination is best for you. Colour retention shampoos and conditioners are very easily available online and over the counter. Copper coloured hair tends to fade into a rather icky light brown or some god-awful combination. But the joico copper conditioner helps in keeping the hair colour in, because the conditioner is filled with Anionic dye technology which locks in the colour and moisture till about 18 washes. The joico copper conditioner is also known to colour any blonde hair to a gorgeous copper or a fiery reddish copper tint. The joico brand focuses on many colour retention and temporary colour treatment shampoos and conditioner. The joico brand’s motto is to bring ‘joi’ to your hair. 

How to Use it?

The joico copper conditioner is one of the best that joico brand has come up with. The joico copper conditioner is recommended by many experts in the industry. So how do you use it?

  • Use the joico copper infused shampoo and joico copper conditioner
  • Wash hair and repeat if necessary

With every application you will see your hair’s original colour getting darker. You can use this combination for as long as you like and can stop the minute you have reached your desired colour. 

Haircare can be tricky and tedious at times, but do not be discouraged. Hair is somewhat a part of our identity. And for many people hair defines them, so being kind to your hair is a bit of a necessity. Hair care should be an effort which should be ingrained in your life, much like eating and breathing. Oh, and what you eat, is reflected in how your hair’s health is. Decide to be kinder to your body, make better life choices, exercise and most of all choose joico brand for your hair care.

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