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How Do the Security Bollards Work? – An In-depth Look

A physical and visible barrier, security bollards serve both purposes. Security bollards and barriers save lives and property by establishing a regulated traffic environment. Knowing the variations between bollard types will aid in selecting the right post for a location.

There are other considerations in addition to impact protection. Barriers around the perimeter should reduce clutter and inconvenience for visitors. There are several common risk considerations for any structure and property to consider. Thorough design techniques must include access requirements, surrounding aesthetics, and security. Read on to know more in detail about the functioning of the security bollards. 

How The Security Bollards Work: Keeping You and Your Property Safe

Security Bollards can be helpful, but they must be built and placed correctly. If not, someone committed to inflicting deaths won’t be stopped. The potential risk exists even when there is no connection to terrorism, as seen by recent occurrences in which automobiles and trucks have struck persons near the business property.

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This implies that regardless of the perceived degree of risk, the proper separation of people and automobiles surrounding business buildings and public places is essential. You cannot presume that your property is secure if it faces a road and automobiles may approach it from the sidewalk.

All About Bollards: Their Types, Uses, And More

To fit various uses, roads can be static/fixed, crash- or non-crash-resistant, and detachable or retractable. A crash test must verify the crash resistance of the security bollards in line with an accepted standard. Keeping that factor in mind, the bollards come in different types which are highlighted below for your better understanding. 

Non-resistant bollards

Security Bollards are used to control traffic, alert against assaults, and enhance the outside appeal of a site or structure. They are not simply intended to serve as defensive barriers. 

To avoid collisions, bollards may be utilized to block off walkways, bike lanes, and alleys from traffic. They could also serve as a visual deterrent, warning onlookers that a structure or location might have increased protection. As a result, this may assist in preventing possible trespassers from trying to force their way into the structure. 

Crash-Resistant Bollards

Anti-ram/crash bollards are designed, and crash tested with an eye to how well they can withstand the impact of a moving vehicle. They are made to resist the force of an average automobile or truck hitting them at speeds. 

Government and military facilities are frequently guarded with crash-resistant steel bollards since both are more vulnerable to terrorist automobile assaults. Anti-ram bollards are used in airports, ports of entry, energy plants, and other commercial and industrial locations to safeguard pedestrians, staff members, and property.

Bollards that are retractable and mobile

Security Bollards that are crash-resistant (anti-ram) and those that aren’t maybe retracted or removed are the retractable ones. Bollards are still a great design option if your crash barrier or bollard must be detachable to provide traffic access.

It is always possible to include a modest number of detachable or retractable bollards in a security design to provide access for delivery, repair, or construction trucks as needed.

Bollards can be made to be manually or mechanically withdrawn or retracted. Bollards made of Safety-Flex are detachable, have excellent scores in crash tests, and only need a thin base.


To offer sailors a location to tie up their boats and ships so they wouldn’t sail away, security bollards were first erected on wharves and quays. It was more resistant to the sand, and wet air than wooden posts would have been since the big iron produced a robust, solid pillar that could efficiently keep even enormous vessels in place.

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