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How Do You Clean Outdoor Slate Floors?

Outdoor slate tiles are mostly used for flooring and courtyard areas.  Because these tiles are long-lasting and more durable as compared to other tiles and floor. But in the case of outdoor slate flooring, you need to do the appropriate and deep slate cleaning to maintain durability and lifetime.

Because these tiles are more prone to dirt and dust due to outside environmental conditions. No doubt, all types of tiles require cleaning and maintenance. But in the case of slate tiles, you don’t need to put a lot of to clean it. Because stains and spills on natural stones and slate tiles will damage the quality as well as the natural shine of these tiles. So, you should deal with it with care.

Because hard chemicals and bleaches will damage the surface and natural texture of these tiles and stones within no time. so, it’s better to choose the mild and natural cleaning solutions for these tiles. These slate cleaners will help to restore the shine and beauty of these tiles without any effort.

If you are worried about how to clean the outdoor slate tiles then this article will guide you effectively. It will ensure to get the brightening and shining cleaning results for slate tiles and natural stones within minimum time and effort.

As we know, slate tiles come in wide ranges, sizes and shapes with a great texture. That’s why slate floors offer a smooth texture even under hard condition and temperature. On the other hand, these tiles have natural protection against water, moisture and stains due to its protective layer. Therefore, these tiles are suitable even for the heavy foot traffic areas with minimum maintenance.

Cleaning Process Of Outdoor Slates

It’s better to save these tiles from dirt, dust and stains on the early stages. Because it will hard to remove the hard stains and spills on the tiles over time. For this, it’s better to seal the slate tiles and floors after getting the cleaning services with the help of a high-quality sealant.

This sealant will resist the water and moisture to penetrate the slate tiles. That’s the main reason for these natural stones and tiles. Moreover, it will also add more shine and gloss to the tiles. However, you need to dry these tiles and floor appropriately after slate cleaning or sealing. Otherwise, heavy foot traffic will lead to more dirt and dust on the tiles.

For the better cleaning of these natural stones and tiles, don’t use wax on the dirty tiles instead of sealant. Because it will offer a sticky texture on the tiles if not applied appropriately. Moreover, seal these tiles even after getting the professional cleaning services to increase the lifetime of tiles.

On the other hand, it’s better to place the carpets and rugs on the heavy foot traffic areas to save these tiles. Because heavy foot traffic areas are more prone to dirt and dust. For this, you can use the natural ingredients as well as mild slate cleaners.

But don’t leave the solution on the natural stones and slate floor overnight. Because it will damage the colour and texture of these tiles. On the other hand, it’s better to not wear the shoe while walking on the slate tiles to minimize the rate of dirt and dust on it especially in the kitchen and courtyard areas. Try to wipe out or mop the tiles after sweeping. It will help to remove all residue and debris on the floor to restore the shine and offer an attractive appearance.

Scrub The Slate Tile After Applying Bleach And Water Solution

Scrubbing is the best solution for outdoor slate cleaning. For this, pour bleach and water solution on the slate tiles and floor or scrub it with the help of a soft bristle scrubbing brush. Let the solution sit on the tiles at least for 10 minutes after doing the scrubbing of these tiles. Later on, wipe out or rinse off the tiles with plain water. Turn on all the fans and ventilators to let the air enter inside appropriately.

Slate Tile Stain Removal Process

No doubt, slate tiles have a natural resistant against stains and spills. But the protective layer of these tiles may dull or fade over time. At that point, you need to renew this protective layer by applying a high-quality sealant.

Furthermore, use the mild stain removal products to remove the stains immediately. But before using any kind of product on these tiles, test it appropriately. Because hard chemicals and cleaning products will damage the colour and quality of these tiles as well as grout. If the stains are persistent even after applying the solution then scrub the tile with the help of soft bristle brush.

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