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How Do You Clean The Hardest Stains On Grout?

Grout offers better texture and consistency to the tiles by providing an aesthetic overall look. Moreover, it minimizes the rates of stains and spills on the tiles, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. No matter what’s type and colour of the grout, each type of grout requires appropriate grout cleaning for maintenance.

Otherwise, grease and other splashes on the grout lines will make it dirty as well as damage the appearance of floors. However, if you are using the right kind of grout cleaner then you can clean grease, grime, and grout stains easily and effortlessly. For this, we will provide a few guidelines and techniques to remove the hard stains and spills on the grout lines.

How To Remove Grease Stains On Grout?

No matter what’s a type of cleaner you are using for cleaning the grout lines, you need to wear protective gloves and mask while interacting with it. However, it’s better to use homemade and natural cleaning solutions to clean the grout lines. Because these solutions may not damage the quality and colour of the grout as well as offer the desired cleaning results.

On the other hand, you can even scrub the grout lines to remove grease or hard stains on it while using this natural cleaning solution without any fear of damage or crack. To remove the hard stains and spills on the grout, use a soft bristle brush for scrubbing. Later on, wipe out the grout with the help of a soft towel or cloth to remove all the residue.

Otherwise, the residue will stick inside the lines and corners of grout and grow mould and mildew. So, these natural cleaning solutions will clean the grout as well as offer the great shine.

Homemade Grout Cleaner For Hard Stains:

No doubt, there are numbers of professional and high-quality cleaners in the markets. But these cleaners may damage the colour or quality of grout due to higher acidic properties. So, natural ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar or homemade tile cleaners are the best choices for the residential grout cleaning process.

On the other hand, you can make these cleaners at home just by mixing with other ingredients or use directly on the grout. To make the natural or homemade cleaner, you can also add up lemons for better cleaning as well as refreshing smell.

Lemon has natural acidic properties and will help to remove the hard stains within minimum time and effort. Moreover, lemon juice is the best alternative to vinegar. Because the usage of vinegar directly on the grout will damage or crack the grout. However, you can use the vinegar by mixing with other detergent or water to clean grout stains.

To make the homemade cleaner, mix vinegar with baking soda or add up 2, 3 lemons for a refreshing smell. Spread the solution on the grout lines and let it sit at least for 15 minutes. But you can also leave it overnight on the grout in the case of the toughest and hardest stains. Scrub the grout lines with the help of a toothbrush in a circular motion to remove the hard or grease stains. Later on, wash it off with plain water to remove all the residue on the grout and tiles.

Baking soda or lemon juice will not harm the grout colour and quality while cleaning the hard stains and grease. So, you can use it proficiently without any fear of damages and cracks. On the other hand, vinegar will minimize the need for scrubbing by removing all the build-ups including mould and mildew on the grout and tiles. Apart from this, all these ingredients are environment-friendly and offer healthy and hygienic results. So, you will end up by getting clean and shiny grout within minimum time, budget, and effort.

Professional Grout Cleaning Services Are better For Commercial Areas:

No doubt, you can also clean the commercial areas with the help of natural ingredients and homemade grout cleaner. But it requires more time and effort due to the wider area. In this case, it’s better to get professional and specialized services for cleaning the grout from hard stains and spills effectively.

If you are worried about the quality of services then don’t worry. Because professional members use mild and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for commercial and residential areas to offer health and environment-friendly cleaning services. These services will help to remove all the hard stains, grime, and grease on the grout lines with the help of professional cleaning equipment as well as products.

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