Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

What Is A Pneumatic Solenoid Valve And How Does It Work?


To collaborate pneumatic function with an electrical signal, Pneumatic Solenoid Valve is the best and the most efficient option. By the word, the solenoid is derived from the coil which is being used to create the magnetic field by wrapping around the magnetic object or core. It is used to convert energy into motion using the transducer mechanisms.

The solenoid valves are used to control the flow of the air and water. When the current will be applied the valve will be active and open and vice versa. By using the pneumatics, the changing state of the valve happens.

Why Solenoid is combined with a Pneumatic valve?

In the Pneumatic actuated, the valve is tripped by compressed air or gas. In any manufacturing unit, the opening and closing of the valve control the release of the compressed air. To get the action done without any hassle, the combination of a Pneumatic Solenoid Valve is used. It is also called the piloted valve or compressed air pilot valve.

What are the advantages of the valve?

The pneumatic valves are worked by the air stored during the previous or ongoing work process. As they are used to trigger the larger valve, you don’t have to spend much to power the valve. The compressed air that comes with huge force is recyclable and can be used again after completion of the job. The design of the mechanism is very small and for that, there is no added weight in the device.

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That’s why; you can say that this valve is indeed a cost and space-saving option. There a variety of products depending on the voltage, connectors, wattage, and mounting options. On the basis of your requirement, you have to select and install the Solenoid valves quite fast and easy. There are so many numerous applications that you can do that in quick response times and a higher flow rate.

How many types of Pneumatic Solenoid Valve available?

There are two types of valves available in the market as internally piloted and externally piloted. The external piloted valve use for external air pressure and the later one is used for an external air source.

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