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How Does Solving Past Years Question Papers Help To Secure A Good Rank In NEET Exam?

NEET Question Paper is a very crucial part of the preparation for the exam. NEET is considered to be the main gateway to all the medical courses nationwide. Even prestigious institutes’ admission such as AIIMS and JIPMER is being considered as per the NEET result. To crack the exam at one shot, one needs to work really hard since the preparation time is very less. At this stage, the best thing is the mock test or the previous years’ question papers which play a very crucial factor as a preparation guide. 

Practicing previous years’ question papers help you to know important topics from the syllabus, get acquainted with the question pattern, and improve time management skill. Also, if you are looking for solutions of the previous years’ papers, then there are plenty of online learning platforms such as Vedantu which will provide you with the readymade solutions of the last few years. 

In order to learn further about the usefulness of the previous years’ NEET question papers, which helps you to

1. Know the paper pattern & style

The primary purpose of solving the mock test papers or previous years’ question papers is to get familiar with the exam pattern, structure of questions, and weightage of the marks as per section. NEET question paper is comprised of a total number of 180 multiple choice questions from three subjects – Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Biology section consists of 90 questions and 45 questions are there each for the remaining two subjects. And the total time allotted for the exam is three hours. The question paper of the medical entrance test is also available in 19 languages including English, Tamil, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali, Oriya, Kannada. 

2. Get rid of your confusing about negative marking

Yes, there is negative marking in NEET exam. There is a certain guideline to be followed when it comes to calculating the score of NEET, i.e. Total marks scored = [total number of answers that are correct x 4] – [total no of incorrect answers x 1]. 

Eg: If your number of total correct answers is 100 and the number of incorrect answers is 40, then your total scoring marks will be — [(100 x 4) – (40 x 1)] = 400 – 40 =360.

3. Boost your confident

Practicing the previous year question papers is an integral part of the NEET preparation phase. It helps the candidates to prepare the exam strategy beforehand. So they can rectify their mistakes and try to strengthen the area of their weaknesses. This will help the students to remember the important notes and help them to secure a better rank in the examination. 

4. Analyse your strength and weakness

With regular practice of the previous years’ question papers alongside the solutions will help a candidate prepare well for the NEET examination. While this will make the students acquainted with the questions patterns, it would also help them analyse their strong and weak areas. Sometimes even after practising very well, one tends to make some basic mistakes. To avoid such occurrence, every medical aspirant should practise the previous years’ papers rigorously. 

5. Time management

Set by National Testing Agency (NTA), NEET question papers are expected to be more difficult in the coming years in comparison with the previous years as NEET will be considered as the entrance test for AIIMS and JIPMER. Since these two are the most prestigious institutes in the country, the difficulty level will definitely increase. However, there is no point in attempting these previous years’ papers without proper preparation. So, first, complete the syllabus and then solve these question papers within the given timeframe, i.e. three hours. So, no one should be overwhelmed during the exam hours seeing the question paper. 


Do not try to solve a bunch of irrelevant question papers unnecessarily. Try to focus on which is relevant to the NEET exam. The main purpose of solving old question papers is saving time and covering the entire syllabus from every aspect. 

Firstly, try to complete the NEET syllabus other than your board examination syllabus. Then you should collect ten previous year question papers. There is no certain order of attending the questions. You can begin with whatever you find easiest. It will help you to beat the stress and become confident while attending the exam.

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