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How much does it cost to rent a dumpster for a day?

When you have started to construct a project or planned remodeling of the house, you need rental services for dumpsters where you can manage the waste or wreckage in the result of your project. This helps in getting rid of the debris you have caused or face at that moment. 

The rent of a dumpster typically depends on the time which you required for cleaning the wreckage, type of waste or debris you have and the size you required of a dumpster. The price not only depends on the factors mentioned before but also on the cost of the fuel at the current time, the distance from the company location to your location. You need to find and take prices from different companies so you can get the lowest prices according to your needs. 

Time Period for renting a Dumpster

The time period is the first and foremost thing to decide first. You can go for a day, a week or for a month to rent a roll-off dumpster according to your needs. Some companies have 10-day rental policies as well. One-day or per-day cost is efficient for small or short-term projects. 

The basic price of a small dumpster for a day starts from $25 and for a larger dumpster, it can be $300. The price for a week for a small one is between $120 and for a bigger one, it goes to $620. The price goes high when it comes to month rental and can go around $2000 depending on the size of the dumpster you needed. Most companies do have discounted packages for monthly rentals. 

Rates – Variable or Flat

The flat rate for rentals is easy to predict your final cost rather than the variable rates. The incurring fee does not add in the flat rates by the company. You can dispose of greater waste or debris than that of a variable one. The variable rates are unpredictable and can get higher. Flat rates give you the idea of a budget you can spend on the dumpster rental cost.  


The size of the dumpster is important. You need to identify the need for which you are renting a dumpster, the type of wreckage you are going to dispose of in it and what amount of the wreckage is it going to be contained. Typically, the dumpsters are rented to dispose of the furniture, construction wreckages, household junk or for the landscaping dispose of.  

Improvement or Enhancement Cost

The improvement or enhancement cost can be added in two conditions:

Heavy Disposal material: you cannot dump heavy materials like concrete, loads of bricks or heavy material in a small dumpster, you need a dumpster to carry heavy loads. So, it can increase your cost

Days: If your days exceed and the usage of dumpster goes more than a day as you planned before can also cause you to increase in the fee. You need to pay extra for that extra time period. 

Other Costs

Some additional costs or considerations can also be added to your bill. It includes the violation of restrictions by law, landfill charges, hazardous matters fee, service charges for junk removal, remote delivery, etc. 

Violation of restrictions by Law: the rental companies of dumpster mentions the weight limit of each dumpster they are providing. If the limit exceeds, the charge fine upon it. The restrictions apply to the materials which are banned to be disposed of like paint cans, tires, batteries, refrigerators or any other hazardous material. For the violation of any restriction can cause you some extra fine.  

Landfill Charges: some companies do not add landfill charges in the fee for the dumpster. The hauling away of the dumpster may cause you some extra fee if not included in your package. The average range of the landfill fee is $20 to $50 per ton. 

Hazardous Matters or Materials: the disposal of hazardous matters is banned by some companies like propane, pesticides or refrigerants, etc. You cannot dump such things in hired dumpsters. It can cause you fine and the material will be returned by the company. For getting rid of such matters, contact the local waste management authorities. They can help you to and arrange your safe ways to dispose of such matters easily.

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