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How To Clean Outdoor Natural Stone Floors

Natural paving stones are better than concrete blocks. Choose the perfect stone tiles for your garden or parking areas. Let’s see the overview of tile stones such as the advantages, popular tiles stone, to clean natural paving stone.

Advantages of natural paving stone

  • Natural cobble stone is very abundant and diversified: due to the structure and structure of the geological layers of each region, there are also many different types of rocks in color, pattern, etc. And also depending on the characteristics and use of each stone, they are applied to different jobs, with different positions of use.
  • Natural paving stone has a wider application than other materials. With the advantages of a variety of colors, sizes, and high aesthetics, natural stone can be suitable for many different positions in different spaces of the house, such as flooring, walls, and stairs. Elevator, facade, garden path, pool or boat. It can also be used in public buildings, high-end modern architecture such as resorts, luxury apartments, hotels, class houses
  • Natural paving stone has outstanding advantages in durability and high aesthetics. By using natural stone in buildings, you will create the beauty of elegance, sophistication, closeness and harmony with nature. Especially, it also ensures the durability of the project over time.
  • The price of natural paver is diversified, suited to the budget and needs of many different clients.

Popular natural pavers

  • Natural paver generally has main types including: granite paver, marble tiles (Azulejos de mármol 24×48) paver, slate stone, honeycomb stone, Stone types are distinguished by color, pattern, texture, and light penetration, luster and hardness.
  • Each type of natural paver has its own characteristics with different outstanding advantages, such as:

1. Granite stone

Granite has the advantage of toughness, suitable for exterior projects such as siding, onion flooring, walkway.

2. Marble stone

Marble has the advantage of having beautiful colors, rich patterns, but the hardness is not too good, so it is often used for areas like living room ceramic tiles, dining tables, kitchen countertops. 

3. Onyx stone

Onix stone has beautiful and sharp lines, colorful and striking colors, which are often used to accentuate space, create originality and difference.

What Are The Excellent Characteristics Of The Onix Stone?

In which, marble is the most popular product line on the market today due to its good quality, reasonable price, beautiful designs and colors.

How to properly clean natural stone floors?

Natural stone floors are becoming more and more popular, there is also a need to learn how to clean natural stone floors properly and quickly.

Notes when cleaning natural stone floors:

In order to maintain the beauty of natural stone floors, it is necessary to pay attention to the following in the process of use and on the birth of natural stone floors:

  1. Check the chemicals, cleaning solution carefully before use: The enemies of natural stone are acid and high PH concentration, so before using any cleaning product for natural stone, you should check it carefully. Only use products with the correct concentration of PH> 6.5 and absolutely do not use vinegar to clean natural stone.
  2. Treat stains immediately: As soon as food or any stains are spread on the natural stone floor, use a soft, damp cloth to clean it immediately. If you leave the stain for a long time, it is difficult to handle, causing loss of aesthetics for the house.
  3. Sweep up and vacuum before cleaning. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner or special broom to clean the dirt before cleaning tasks such as cleaning or polishing natural stone in order to protect the stone surface in the best way.
  4. Things not to be used when cleaning natural stone floors: sharp objects that easily scratch stone floors, toilet bowl cleaning solution, bleach, microwave cleaning solution, tile cleaning products, alkaline or acid products like vinegar

The fastest steps to cleaning natural stone floors:

Do you know how cleaning natural stone floors just doesn’t take long? See the steps below, you will find that cleaning natural stone floors is extremely easy and convenient.

Make sure you prepare the necessary items before cleaning and remember to wear gloves to protect your hands from the harmful effects of chemicals.

Step 1: Remove dirt from natural stone floors with a vacuum cleaner, broom or clean towel.

Step 2: Prepare Water for Floor Cleaning: Pour clean water and a specialized cleaning solution into a bucket or pail and mix the mixture well to prepare for stone floor cleaning.

Step 3: Use a clean soft mop or cloth to clean the stone floor. When cleaning the floor, it is advisable to wipe each area with a cloth at short and regular intervals in order to thoroughly remove stubborn stains.

Step 4: After cleaning with a specialized cleaning solution, clean it once with clean water to make sure the stains are clean. This work also helps limit slippage caused by the floor cleaning solution, protecting the safety of the family while traveling.

Step 5: Use a clean, dry towel to wipe the floor or you can use a fan to help dry the stone floor faster.

Step 6: If there are other stubborn stains on the stone floor, such as oil stains, oily coffee stains, food with nail polish, you can use a soft sponge dipped in a neutral detergent solution as in On, then rub the stain On a certain line, absolutely do not rub in a circle because the packages will leave marks on the stone floor when dry, making your cleaning efforts pointless.

For chewing gum residue, use cardboard to remove the chewing gum before cleaning with a detergent solution and wiping with a soft, dry cloth.

Cleaning natural stone floors is really simple and straightforward. Just keep the basics above in mind and follow the instructions correctly, natural stone floors will always be shiny and durable over time.

Today, in the building materials market, natural stone products for house flooring are very popular and widely distributed.

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