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How to Pick Curtains for Your Home

When it comes to the design and decoration of the home, it is all too easy to overlook window dressings. Curtains, blinds, and shutters all make a real difference to the finished look and feel of a room. So, it is puzzling to know why they are so often overlooked.

Curtains not only help to define the feel of a room, but they also offer privacy as well. They are also an effective barrier against heat loss and direct sunlight. So, when you choose to decorate a room, choosing your window dressings should be a well-thought-out decision to achieve that perfect look.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right curtains:

Choose the Curtains Based on the Type of Room.

A common mistake that people make is to go for the same type of curtain for every room. They hardly consider the décor style of the individual room while selecting the curtain.  

 Each room should have unique curtains that complement and suit its style. E.g.; kid’s rooms should have curtains with cartoon prints or bright colors depending on the age of the child. If you follow a traditional style of décor for your living area, then the curtain selected should have trims and edgings that match this style of décor. 

How much Privacy do you Require?

First, you should think about your usage of the room. If it is a bathroom or bedroom, then you are going to want some level of privacy. If neighbors do not overlook your living room, then it is nice to be able to have curtains you can sweep back to allow light to flood in.

If curtains are too heavy and cumbersome, they can block out the light and totally alter the feel of a room. More light gives a feeling of more space and can also offer lovely views depending on the location of your home.

Which Material to Use for Curtain?

It is important that when you choose the color of your curtains, they should match the theme of your room. This does not mean that the curtains have to match your wall coloring or carpet exactly. But you should make sure that the colors do not clash. Stick to a color scheme when you design any room, as this helps to create a feeling of unity and harmony.

Also, think about the thickness of your curtains. If you live in an old house that is prone to cold, or you really feel the cold, then it may be wise to choose a heavier fabric or one which provides some insulation.

 Curtain linings are also another great way to insulate curtains and are easily sewn onto the back of existing curtains. This improves their thickness and thermal qualities.

Similarly, as the months and nights get lighter, bedrooms may need a curtain liner to block out light to aid a good night’s sleep.

Another consideration is to choose a fade-resistant material. This is particularly essential if the room is subject to prolonged exposure to the sun, such as South-facing rooms. Silk might seem like a luxurious choice for instance. But given exposure to the sun, it will quickly fade and begin to look tired and dull.

You can check out online for interesting curtain fabric and design ideas. Take your interior décor to an entirely new level by going for a designer curtain.

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