Learning Software Testing Can Be Addictive. Get Yourself Hooked with various software testing programs


Many people have different opinions about the various QA certification programs from reputed institutions or web app testing companies. And about the way of contents of these certifications are organized. As per my view, the Software testing certifications are obviously good, and the reason is it provides you an option to learn about many things, which you might not be implementing or not even aware of.

Database testing comes out with a huge amount of advantage and career benefits. It is a known fact that every web application and mobile application require a huge amount of databases to enhance the elegance and the performance for a long time.

Achieving a certification in testing will surely add a value to your resume as well as to your profile. Software testing Certification has its own importance due to various reasons. This can be the answers to “Why should I do the certifications?”

  • Your current organization might not be having many certified software quality assurance engineers. So achieving certification in testing will certainly increase your value in your current organization.
  • Certification will add value to your career path in quality assurance field.
  • You will be highlighted from your colleague with the help of your professional certification in testing.
  • You can learn many things which you have not worked before.
  • And yeah, doing a certification mean that you are serious about your profession which is software testing.

Now lets talk about various QA certification programs which are available for the software quality assurance professional. But we are not going to compare the certification programs for their advantages and limitations. We just want to give you more information and website links related to the testing certification opportunities. We are not saying that this list is complete, we know that there might be some more certification options available in the market. If you know about any certification then please feel free to share this information with everyone?

Software testing Certifications which are available to the Quality assurance (Testing) professional are divided in 2 parts:

  1. Certifications depending on Subject knowledge
  2. Certifications depending on Tool Knowledge

What is Software Testing? Your Essential Guide

As there are many explanations to the question – what is software testing, I thought I would share my experience of what I think software testing is in the real world, and compare it to definitions of software testing found across the Internet.

What are the different defect categories of software and explain?

We have 3 types of Defect Categories:

  • Wrong
  • Missing
  • Extra

Wrong:  This defect category is a variance from the given requirement specification. This means if there are any discrepancies in requirement documents it will fall under this category.

Missing: During the development or design if we miss any requirement which is given by the customer those types of defect categories fall under this. This type of missing causes by when requirement explained by the customer was not noted properly and customer requirement not explained to the team properly when they were developed.  

Extra: During the development if new requirements added to the existing requirements which is not given by the customer those changes or defects fall under this category.

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