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Jewellery has always been a woman’s best friend. Each woman likes different jewellery designs to decorate herself. If we think about the extraordinary and best-made jewellery, ornaments, the only thing that comes into our mind is that there are pieces from Kundan Jewelry. Wedding jewellery is an integral part of the trousseau of the Indian bride. The jewellery she wears is not only to be accessorized in her bridal finery but also has ancient meaning. The fidelity mangal sutra, the Kamar bandh for expressing her energy as a householder, the happiness anklets… A significant part of the wife is the sacred maang tikka. Traditional brides can now choose an understated matha Patti from a complex maang tikka; this addition adds sophistication to any bridal look. This beautiful ornament continues to evolve in design and style and on your big day, our editors will give you ways to wear the maang tikka.

1. Chaand Tikka 

This is a classic design that has long been a favourite of the public. It typically has beautiful pearl and polki accents that add charm to mehndi and wedding’s contemporary look.

2. Borla

This stunning spherical maang tikka is made of stones and diamonds in meenakari. It’s a traditional Marwari group decoration. His name comes from the fruit of the jujube, raised in Hindi. The Borla gives the Rajput bride a touch of royalty.

3. Stone and Diamond Maang Tikka 

If diamonds are the best choice of the bride, this trendy, luxury maang tikka brings together through white gold geometry diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Gorgeous!

4. Crescent Maang Tikka 

The perfect crescent, this Kundan or stone maang tikka, is pretty simple and in a golden half-moon atmosphere. Fit for a bride in need of a lightweight tikka maang.

5. Single String Maang Tikka

For the minimalist bride, this is understated and yet in keeping with tradition.

6. Double Maang Tikka Cord

Slightly more opulent than the single string, this double beach sits across the bride’s forehead and looks majestic with its ornamentation of pearl and stone.

7. Multiple String Maang Tikka 

There’s no doubt that a significant favourite with brides is this multiple strand matha, Patti. And why isn’t that? It is a statement piece that draws attention to it and sits graciously, row after row of pearls, Kundan or polki, covering the top of her head.

Traditional bridal maang tikka

Mang tikka is one of the most growing jewellery choices used by every single woman out there. It is also known as matha Patti, and during the wedding time, they use it. If there is no maang tikka on her forehead for sure, the traditional Indian bride will not be able to achieve the ideal bridal look and appeal. There is no doubt that Maang tikka is nowadays one of the most popular jewellery styles for women, so more and more people are willing to try it too. These maang tikkas are the secret to look elegant and beautiful, as well as one of the essential components in the bridal sets. If we’re talking about maang tikka, one of the most popular forms would have to be the side maang tikka. This particular type of bridal jewellery design is the pride of bridal jewellery. The maang tikka’s design is such that at the end of the jewellery piece, there will be a proper trinket, and that’s the thing that makes the plan so different. If you’re looking for some good maang tikka designs, this is the right place for you.

Collection of Kundan and pearl maang tikka

women need to look the best on multiple occasions from the crowd, including festivals, conferences, weddings, and much more. So, for the women’s fantastic look, it’s imperative to get to know everything about the traditional maang tikka jewellery designs. The Jhummar tikka, Hindu Maang Tikka, Kundan Tikka, and pearl maang tikka will have to be some of the maang tikka’s most popular models. One of the first things you need to know about how the maang tikka fits your clothes. Now the maang tikka is rendered to be the wedding dress companion wearing by women.  The maang tikka designs will undoubtedly be handy for those brides who want to make sure that everything is in order and that they can stand out among the crowd. Choose for yourself some of the best maang tikka models.

Due to its ethnic and royal appearance, traditional Kundanjewelry designs are widespread. Maang Tikka is one of the artificial jewellery collection’s most significant ornaments as it is placed right on a woman’s head. Among the girls, Kundan Maang tikka is very famous as it gives the woman a regal look.

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