Make the Most of Amsterdam’s Nightlife

Amsterdam –  a city that showcases the best of the modern world while preserving its culture – comes truly alive at night. Thanks to a 2014 decision to appoint a ‘nachtburgemeester,’ its nightlife scene is one of the most thriving in all of Europe. We have compiled a list of activities and places around the city to make your experience of its nightlife even more enriching.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam’s picturesque winter is made all the more beautiful with the Amsterdam Light Festival. Every year, the city center and canals are lit with romantic street lighting, making this event the highlight of the holiday season. The 2019 edition will be held from 28 November onwards, running until January 2020.

Museums by Night

The city’s famous museums such as the Van Gogh Museum, The Stedelijk Museum stay open well into the night on weekends, adding a whole new element to the city’s nightlife scene. On the first Saturday of every month, around 50 museums stay open till 2am, and host concerts and special tours.

The Concertgebouw

Renowned for its extraordinary acoustics, the Royal Concertgebouw is the pride of the city and one of the most-visited concert halls in the world. It is worth experiencing the magic of the performances even if you are not a music buff.


A former church, this music venue creates a mise-en-scène like none other with its tall, stained-glass windows and balconies. Its upper rooms host independent acts and more intimate events as well.

Café De Dokter

Founded way back in 1798, Café De Dokter is a perfectly-preserved piece of history right in the heart of Amsterdam. This quaint pub, with its wide variety of beers and cocktails, is one of the best places to visit for good quality alcohol. The vintage decor and classic jazz music lend a historic vibe to the venue.


Its huge size, coupled with avant-garde electronic sets and state-of-the-art production elements, make AIR a nightlife staple.

Club NYX

Known for its excellent drag and LGBTQ+ nightlife events, nights at NYX are replete with pop anthems and a cordial atmosphere. Its open-plan bathroom also features a DJ.

Faralda Crane Hotel

Situated in a crane, this hotel and club provide an unparalleled experience of the city’s nightlife


This newspaper-office-turned-club turns into the coolest nightlife spot post-dinner. Dance the night away or enjoy the vista of the city while sipping on flavorsome cocktails.

De School

Set in a former school, De School is a behemoth of the city’s nightlife scene. One can find upscale eateries and quality dance parties at this 24-hour complex.


One of the latest venues in the nightlife scene, Noorderschip is set in an erstwhile pirate ship – Radio Veronica.


Set up in the cellar of the A’dam Toren, Shelter is a brutalist bunker complete with an all-black decor and a bassy sound system that makes for a memorable night out.


Radion is for the hardcore clubbing and nightlife enthusiasts. Its 24-hour license, smashing sound-system and mini-parties ensure that the partying truly doesn’t end.

With so many cultural and mainstream hotspots, Amsterdam has something to offer to people from all walks of life. The singular vibe of the city ensures that a night in the city is a truly satisfying and unique experience for everyone.

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